2024 Enstone Parish Hall Committee – June AGM – Minutes

EPHMC Minutes Uploaded on June 21, 2024

Enstone Parish Hall Management Committee – AGM

Date: Weds 12th June 2024

Present:  Martin Juckes, Rachel Hunt, John Vincent, Karen Williams, Ron Bridger, Andrew Lee, Freda Seath.



1.  Apologies:

Amanda Robinson, Sharon Hutchinson

2.  Minutes of last Meeting

Agreed and signed previous minutes as a correct record.

3.  Matters Arising


4.  Election of Officers

All committee members agreed to continue in their present roles:

Andrew Lee – Chairman

John Vincent – Vice Chair

Martin Juckes – Secretary

Amanda Robinson – Treasurer

Karen Williams – Bookings Coordinator

Ron Bridger – Caretaker

Freda Seath, Sharon Hutchinson and Rachel Hunt committee members

Sue Eley and Becca McCabe co-opted onto entertainments committee.

5.  Chairman’s Report

The Parish Hall has been trading quite well. We have seen an upturn in the hiring of the hall of around 9%, this year. This is encouraging.

Our weekly activities are multiple and varied, ranging from Pilates to Karate to Line Dancing.  These attract a small fee, but we closed 2023 with a small loss.

Currently we are making a profit for 2024 following the increase of the users. However, this has been taken by the energy bills resulting in a loss of £483 pounds for the first 4 months of 2024. It’s trying times yet again. We are confident that this should improve over the remaining months of this year.

 We have planned a few evening events, film nights, quiz nights and possibly a summer party. We are still seeing limited attendance, which is concerning as these events are not being enjoyed by many. We are seeing these as a loss leader which is acceptable for putting on events for the community. However, this is not sustainable if we are making losses on our core income.

I have raised this with the Parish Council. I believe we do need to collectively address the apathy in the village as a community. This is making the running of the hall very challenging.

 My main concern is that if thing don’t change significantly, we will have an issue with cash. Currently we have cash reserves but without making reasonable profit in the short to medium term we will not be able to maintain hall and provides services.

 We are of urgent need of additional committee members to assist and help in organising community events. We would also like to encourage the new residents to engage with the hall.

 We are looking at having the hall sport floor revamped and some improvements regarding decoration internally and externally. We have some issues with the guttering which we think will need replacing soon.

 The committee and trustees are working hard to keep this facility available for the community, however, having said that, we do need new blood in the committee.

Other areas of interest we are looking into is events for the elderly members of the village and introducing other sports.

6.  Financial report

1st April 2023- 31st March 2024

Balances as of 31st March 2024:

Current a/c £1983.82

Business Premium a/c £44290.86

Business Premium PC a/c £12129.64

Income for this period was £25,387.31 (£22,586.66 15 April 2022

31st March 2023).

Hall & Car Park Hire – £21,834.30 (£19,427.09 22/23)

Donations – £25.50

Ofgem receipts – £2895.74

Film Nights & Misc Income – Nil

Bank interest received – £631.77

Expenses for this period were £22932.63 (£20402.62 1st April 2022

31st March 2023).

Business rates £268.80 (Leisure discount still being received)

Cleaning costs £3781.27 (£2494.61 22/23).

Electricity paid £4515.71(£3710.25 22/23), the direct debit being

paid for the electricity use has not been covering the usage as at 5th

April 2024 bills the electric account was £3025.19 in debit

The accounts show we made a profit for the year of £2454.68

(£2184.04 22/23)

7 Current Activities

Hall usage is very good with a significant number of long term, regular bookings.

8.  Future Events

Discussion focussed on how to galvanise interest from the wider Enstone Public to attend events, which has proved difficult to date.  There will be a Dog Show to align with The Horticultural Society show on 24th August followed by a Quiz Night on 14th Sept.  Further events will be planned for the Autumn dependent on attendance in Sept.

9.  Date of Next Meeting

TBC May 2025