Yoga Focus

Yoga Focus

Report: Yoga Focus with Nikki Jackson

Main Hall:  This month we take a look at Yoga Focus run by Nikki Jackson on Monday evenings at 7.45pm.

“Vinyasa Flow Yoga” for all abilities including beginners.

This class blends traditional yoga practises of postures (asanas), pranayama (breathing exercises) and deep relaxations, with modern day approaches towards healthier lifestyles and is designed to ease stress and tension in the mind and body, improve posture and flexibility as well as strength and energy levels.

Nikki Jackson has taught yoga for 25 years, having trained extensively in the West as well as India. She is also an occupational therapist with many years experience of working with variety of physical and mental health conditions in the NHS and is also a Mindfulness for Health teacher placing much emphasis on relieving the stress and tension that builds in the mind and body due to modern day lifestyles.

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Here is what others thought:

‘These classes provide genuine teaching approaches and are full of knowledge, warmth and compassion.  I have benefited immensely from them’.  (Dave)

‘Many years of classes with Nikki’s wonderful, positive and supportive teaching has enabled me to keep body and soul together and to go forward with a spring in my step. She becomes a MUST in one’s life’.  (Tania)