Jado Kuin Do

Jado Kuin Do

Report: Jado Kuin Do with Neal Edmunds

Main Hall:  This month we take a look at Jado Kuin Do run by Neal Edmunds on Saturday mornings 10 – 12am

Jado Kuin Do is a unique, progressive martial art, based on scientific principles and developed to promote life skills, optimum health and self-defence for the whole family.

Jado Kuin Do’s natural, easy-to-learn, sequential movements optimize the body’s force producing ability along with encouraging the enhancement of the body’s fine and gross motor skills. This results in improved co-ordination, balance and efficient energy use, but more importantly increases health, mentally as well as physically. It is a unique program of self-discovery, confidence building, goal setting and achievement.

Jado Kuin Do is much more than just punching, kicking and physical exercise. It gives people additional skills such as awareness, self-discipline, confidence, mental guidance and philosophical values. It is a seemingly simple yet complex, practical martial art which improves strength, speed and power coupled with sensitivity, accuracy and grace. All of these elements collectively will assist you in your never-ending circle of learning, self-discovery and internal calm. Jado Kuin Do includes the physical practice of specific movements and mental thought processes which have been devised into a complete mental, physical and spiritual system of self defence.

At Enstone we are proud to have a fantastic academy, consisting of many students of all levels, ages and abilities. Our juniors class starts at 10am on a Saturday morning in the Main Hall at Enstone Parish Hall. For this class we take children from the age of 4, our average age in the class at present is 7. Due to the popularity of the class there is currently limited spaces available for our Juniors class. The junior’s class is followed by our Beginner Adults class at 11am. We are a fun and friendly group who are all working towards the same goal – personal development. We have a 100% success rate at our gradings, students are graded at regional grading events 3 times per year.

Contact Neal:  Tel : 07534 407235     Email:  neal.edmunds@jadokuindo.com