Enstone Annual Flower and Produce Show – 19 August 2023

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Annual Flower and Produce Show 2023

With a photography competition organised by Enstone WI

Saturday August 19th

Enstone Parish Hall

2.00 – 4:15 p.m.

Trophies etc. to be awarded at 4:00 p.m.

Entries.   All classes are FREE to enter and are open to all.

If you would like to enter either of these exciting competitions please click the Show Schedule below to download. (You can choose to have pdf or word doc versions).

Show Schedule – Word Doc

Show Schedule – PDF

Prizes. The number and grade of prizes is at the discretion of the judges.  In certain classes cups will be awarded (see separate list).

1. Advance Entries to be made using the attached form which may be left in the collection box at Adams Stores before 5.00 Thursday, 18 August

2. Entries for any class will be accepted up to 10.30 a.m. on the morning of the show

3.  Tables will be divided into class areas. Entrants will be free to choose where to display their entry within the class area.

4. All exhibitors must provide their own vases, boards, plates, containers etc., (regulation 5)


Name variety where possible

  1. Potatoes, white, of one variety 4
  2. Potatoes, coloured, of one variety4
  3. The Heaviest Potato1
  4. Onions, globe 4 ]
  5. Onions, any variety, to pass through 3” ring  4            ] Prepared for
  6. Shallots, culinary  6 ] exhibition
  7. Shallots, pickling, to pass through a 1” ring     6           ]
  8. Garlic, bulbs, (with stalk min 2”)       2 ]
  9. Leeks 2 ]
  10. The largest onion 1 ]
  11. Collection, edible legumes, four different varieties, 3 of each
  12. The longest Bean 1
  13. Runner Beans   5
  14. Dwarf French Beans, 5
  15. Beans, climbing, other than Runner,  5
  16. Peas  6
  17. Brassicas, any variety 2
  18. Carrots, any variety        2      (3” tops)
  19. Beetroot  2       (3” tops)
  20. Parsnips  2 (3” tops)
  21. Courgettes  3
  22. Vegetable marrows, fit for table  2   
  23. Squash, fit for table   2
  24. Pumpkin 1 with stalk
  25. The largest marrow 1
  26. Sweet Peppers (Capsicums)   2 with stalks
  27. Chilli peppers, one variety,   4 with stalks
  28. Cucumbers (any one variety)     2
  29. Tomatoes, any variety, (not as 30) 5 with stalks
  30. Tomatoes, small fruited,  6 with stalks
  31. Lettuce, any variety, with roots  2
  32. Collection of salad vegetables, three types 2 of each
  33. Four bunches of culinary herbs, in one pot of water
  34. The funniest vegetable
  35. Best exhibit of one vegetable not appearing elsewhere in the schedule.
  36. Collection of five vegetables (prepared for exhibition) (2 of each)


Name variety if possible

  1.   Dish of soft fruit, edible, one variety, with stalks
  2. Dish of stone fruit (Plums. Apricots etc). one variety , with stalks
  3. Dish of tree fruit, (Apples, Pears etc.) edible, one variety, with stalks
  4. Collection of FOUR different kinds of fruit (minimum 2 each)

(Please note that it is four different KINDS of fruit, two varieties of the same fruit are not two kinds).


Flowers and Potted Plants

NOTE   Regulation  2 does NOT apply to classes 41- 45

Name varieties where possible

  1. A foliage collection (max size 2’; 600m)
  2. An informal collection of flowers no wider than 2’ (600mm)
  3. Floating flower heads in a bowl no more than 12” (300mm) in diameter
  4. Miniature collection, arranged for effect, not exceeding 9” (225mm)
  5. An arrangement in an unusual container,  (max. size 2’ (600mm)
  6. A planted container, for outdoors          (max size 2’  – 600mm)      
  7. Pot plant, flowering,           not exceeding 2’ (600mm)
  8. Pot plant, foliage,               not exceeding 2’  (600mm)
  9. A potted fern,                      not exceeding 2’ overall (600mm)
  10. A potted fuchsia                  not exceeding 2’ overall (600mm)
  11. A flowering stem from a shrub.
  12. Bunch of home grown flowers,   at least three different varieties
  13.       Bunch of mixed grasses, at least four different varieties
  14.       Antirrhinums.  4 spikes
  15.       Asters, any variety,  4 blooms
  16.       Carnations / Pinks, (any variety) 4 stems
  17. Chrysanthemums      any type/variety    4      stems
  18. blooms in a bowl or vase
  19.     Clematis, specimen, single bloom
  20.     Crocosmia, 3 spikes
  21.     Dahlias, double flowered 3 blooms
  22.     Dahlias  Ball/ pompom type 3 blooms
  23.     Dahlias,  single/collarette 3 blooms
  24.     Gladiolus 1          specimen
  25.     Penstemon 3 spikes
  26.     Roses 5 blooms in a vase
  27.     Rose, Large flowered Hybrid Tea type   single stem
  28.     Rose, floribunda type single stem
  29.     Rose, miniaturesingle stem
  30.     Sweet peas 6 stems
  31.     Five single blooms of a flower not appearing elsewhere in the schedule
  32.     Five stems of a flower not appearing elsewhere in the schedule.


73. Preserves –   Jam, Jelly, Curd, etc.,   Two jars, any combination

74. Marmalade –   One jar

75. Preserves- Chutney, Relish, Pickles, etc.,   Two jars, any combination

76. Home-made soft drink, cordials etc.,       One bottle

77 Home made wine, beer, spirit,   One bottle

78. Honey     One jar


79. Dish of four eggs, any variety. Competitors must provide a saucer; one egg will be broken by the judges.

Children’s Classes

To be judged in age groups:  Under 7 and 7 and over

80. A dinosaur made of vegetable(s)

81 A small bunch of flowers


1.  Advance notice of intention to exhibit may be made by email (address below) on or before the THURSDAY preceding the show or by completing and depositing the attached form in the collection box at Adams Stores. Entries will be accepted on the morning of the show before 10.30 a.m. for all classes

2. The exhibitor must have grown/made all exhibits intended for competition. (This does not apply to Classes   41-45).  Potted plants etc., must have been the property of the exhibitor for at least three months.

3.  Exhibitors must not employ a full-time gardener.

4.  No exhibitor may enter more than one exhibit in any one class

5.  Exhibitors must provide their own vases, dishes, cloths, boards etc., at their own risk.

6.  The hall will be open from 9.00 a.m. All exhibits must be staged in a clean state by 11.00 a.m. on the day of the show, when the judging will begin.  Judging will conform to Royal Horticultural Society rules. Entrants should be sure that their exhibits conform to the schedule.

7. Anyone deemed to have interfered with another entry will be immediately disqualified.

8.  Judges will use their own discretion in withholding awards or adding extra ones.   The judges’ decision is final.

9. All exhibits must remain untouched until after the Awards have been presented on Show Day, usually about 4:00 p.m. Any exhibit not removed by 4:30 p.m. may be sold for the benefit of the Garden Club.

10. The decision of the committee on all matters relating to the show will be final.

11. The Committee will not hold itself responsible for damage to, or loss of property or produce.

12. Challenge cups must be returned in good clean condition not later than the closing date for entries.

13. By filling in the entry form you will be deemed to have accepted these regulations.

Trophies for Horticultural Classes 2023

  1. M. J. Thompson Challenge Cup (1952) For the highest number of points in Classes 1-72
  2. The Enstone Horticultural Society’s Challenge Bowl (1957) for highest number of points in Classes 1-36 (Vegetables)
  3. The Emm and Bee Challenge Cup (1960) Best Fruit exhibit    Classes 37-40              
  4. The Capes Cup (2001) For the highest number of points in classes 41 – 72 (Plants & Flowers)
  5. The Fred Pollard Cup (2003) For the best overall potato exhibit (Classes 1-3)
  6. The Raymond Kench Globe Onion Cup (1994)   Winner of Class 4      Globe Onions
  7. The Kench Cup ( Mr. C. Kench 1957 )   Winner of Class 36      Collection of Vegetables
  8. Silver Rose Bowl (Mrs. Thane Parker 1957)   Winner of Class 42   Informal Flower Arrangement
  9. The Crawford Cup   Winner of Class 41 Foliage arrangement
  10. Wid Huckin Memorial Vase (1993)   Winner of Class 46     Container (outdoor)
  11. The Enstone Horticultural Society’s Challenge Cup (1959) Winner of Class 45  Arrangement in an unusual container.
  12. The Brickell Cup (Mr. R. J. Brickell 1957)   Best exhibit of Dahlias Classes 61-63
  13. Jolly Rick’s Cup (1959)     Winner of Class 64 Gladioli.
  14. Worth’s Motor Services Cup (1959)            Best exhibit of Roses  Classes  66-69
  15. Robbins Challenge Cup (Mrs. M. Warner 1989.) Winner of Class 70  Sweet Peas
  16. The Litchfield Cup (Lady Higgs 1990) Children’s class
  17. Enstone Juniors Cup (Lady Higgs 1992)  Children’s class
  18. The Nockalls Cup (2005) ‘Best use of a water feature in the garden’
    (judged earlier)

To Enter:

Intention to exhibit: if possible please email the Entries Secretary at listing the classes you intend to enter, or complete and email the entry form in Word available on the Society’s web page Horticultural Society | Enstone Parish Council or deposit the attached form in the collection box at Adams Stores.  Any queries please telephone 01608 677074

Entries on show day.  Entries for any class will be accepted up to 10.30 a.m. on the morning of the show.

Flower & Produce Show Entry Form

Name…………………………………………………………………….  Address……………………………………………………………………………………………….Tel…………………..  Email………………………………

Please continue on a separate sheet if required

For advance entries please complete this form and deposit in the box in Adams Stores or email to before Thursday 17 August.

Entries may also be made on the morning of the show before 10.30 a.m.


Organised by Enstone WI

Photographs Max size 7”X 5”

Black and white or colour.

Only one photograph per class.

Photographs do not have to be taken in the last 12 months.

Classes open to all ages.

1 Single flower

2 Beautiful Shrub

3 Wildlife in my garden

4 Best part of my garden

5 Tub ,Trough or Hanging Basket



Entries to be in the Parish Hall by 10.00am on 19 August

Name …………………………………….






Enstone Show – 20 August 2022

Graeme Garden opens Enstone Show 2022
Graeme Garden opens Enstone Show 2022

The Enstone Show held on the 20th August was hailed by many of the public attending as a great success. From an organisers point of view the hard work before the event and anxiety on the day was dispelled as the crowds seemed just to appear. So to everyone who attended a big ‘thank you’ because there would be no show without your presence. Even the weather which had cast a shadow before the opening brightened up and burst into sunshine. Admittedly the westerly wind made its presence felt on a number of the gazebo’s but didn’t dampen spirits and a number of people were heard to say it was the best show they had been to!

So, to start with the opening, our very own Graeme Garden did the honours in his usual witty manner. As the dog show registration took place we were delighted by a performance of Indian classical dancing Sesha Natya Nikothan organised by Amoo, wife of Karen, the new owners of Adams Stores. By this point the crowd had swelled and the dog show started. This year our judges were Louisa Hebdon (Guide Dogs for the Blind) and Emma Hills, who should both be congratulated for their expertise. The Anne Mansbridge Cup for Champion of Show was awarded to ‘Monty’ and owner John Pritchard. A complete list of winners can be seen below.

Of course other attractions were taking place; Morris Dancers from Finstock & Charlbury were entertaining with singing and dancing, hankies, sticks, heys & rounds, balancing the straw all under the experienced eye of the ‘Big Cheese’. We were short on stalls this year, mainly due to the aftermath of the pandemic but the Guide Dogs for the Blind, Dogs for Good, BBOWT returned. Warner Leisure, who contributed to a number of extraordinary raffle prizes were there to talk through their plans for Heythrop Park. The Enstone WI had delicious home baked cakes and other goodies to tuck into. For those wanting to eat something hot, Copper Pot provided food for all dietary needs and the burger & chips I had was especially delicious. Rosetti Ice Creams also did a roaring trade in the sunshine. As usual the Enstone Sports & Social Club arranged the Skittles and provided teas and licensed bar. 

There was something for everyone and the children enjoyed the Octopus Ride and Face Painting. We are so lucky to have Heythrop Zoological Gardens providing animals at every show and this year they had a donkey, Shetland pony, squirrel monkeys, penguins, hedgehog, tortoise and lemur. Another welcome attraction was Mabel, Worth’s 1950’s bus, made even more important as this year is Worth’s centenary. Paul Worth presented Claudia Grainger with a wonderful trophy for her picture of the Queen painted for this years Jubilee celebrations. After many years of trying (weather / pandemic) the climbing wall arrived and many children and adults had hours of fun clambering up and down it.

Enstone Eco Group had 4 electric cars and 2 electric bicycles on show and spoke to many people about owning an electric car and their plans to promote a greener society. Next to them was Enstone School, who ran a successful Tombola. This year the Show Committee decided to give the proceeds of the grand raffle and show to Enstone School & Pre-School. The raffle draw took place in the Parish Hall, where the Horticultural Society plant & produce show took place along with Craft & Photography competition. 

We are very pleased to announce that the Air Cadets, who manned the entrances have been given a donation and especially pleased to give Enstone School & Pre-School £1,000.00.

Thank you to everyone who came and made this happen – you should all feel proud.



Class 1: Puppy under 12 months

1. Tucker, the Norwegian Elk Hound – Neil Cuss

2. Pixie the Jackapoo – Phoebe Druce

3. Paddy the Cockapoo – Sophie Youngson

Class 2: Best Condition dog over 1 year

1. Monty the Labrador – John Pritchard

2. Billy the Lurcher – Alan

3. Dexter the Collie/retriever- Mollie Ward

Class 3: Best Condition bitch over 1 year

1. Sadie the Sprocker – Sarah Elliot

2. Lulu the Labrador – Steven Peach

3. Truffle the Collie –  Fiona Langford

Class 4: Best Veteran over 7 years

1. Bruce the Jack Russell Cross, age 12 – Lizzie Young

2. Pepper the Fell Terrier, age 12 – David Partley

3. Nellie the Lurcher, age 11 – Ann Mansbridge

Class 5: Best in Show

Awarded the Kellogg Cup

1. Monty


2. Bruce

Class 6: Best Child Handler under 14 years

1. Phoebe Druce, age 5 with Pixie

2. Helena, age 4 with Coda

3. Sophie Youngson, age 8 with Paddy

4. Nyla Eley, age 8 with Bertie and

5. Maya Embra, age 14 with Truffle

Class 7: Dog that looks most like its owner

1. Maisie  with Bob Perrin

A huge ‘thank you’ to Emma Hills and Louisa Hebdon (Guide Dogs for the Blind), for Judging the entries – not an easy task.

Thanks to Ann Mansbridge for providing the Kellogg Cup, awarded to the Champion each year.



Class 1 – Dinosaur out of recycles materials

1st Beatrice Spicer

2nd Henry Woolcock

Class 2 – Paint a zoo animal

1st Henry Woolcock

2nd Jessica Woolcock

Class 3 – Christmas Decoration

1st Jessica Woolcock

2nd Henry Woolcock



For her portrait of the Queen for the Platinum Jubilee

Claudia Grainger 



First Prize – Jim Clubb

Champagne, Heythrop Weekend Break, Enstone Flying School, Cotswold Wildlife Park, M&S chocolates, M&S £15 voucher.

2nd – Kathy Slark

Champagne, Heythrop Weekend Break, Blenheim Palace, £20 shopping voucher, chocolates.

3rd – Roy Hawtin

Prosecco, Heythrop evening experience, Chipping Norton Leisure Centre Swim, Cotswold Archery, chocolates.

4th – Rosie Nixon

Alpine Baseball caps and tour.

5th – Philip Shaw

Bippity Boo Gift Bag

6th – Freda Seath

Ice Cream Make and Moulds

7th – Anne Gibson

ILA beauty products.

8th – Rebecca McCabe

Tikkity Boo Gift Bag.

9th – Andrew Stevens

Costa Coffee gift bag.

10th – Angela ?

Cafe Nero gift bag.

11th – Sarah Horn

Mr Simms Sweet Hamper.

12th – Stephen Shoebotham

Pet hamper and vouchers.

13th – Andrew Lee

David Cameron memoir and red wine.

14th – George Williams

Horseshoe coat hook.

15th – Oliver Spicer

Lido Swim voucher.

16th – Carol Hicks

Toad Gin Tour.

17th – Mr Peach

Heythrop Afternoon Tea experience.

18th – Rachel Harper

Chipping Norton Theatre Film voucher.

19th – Lesley Townsend

Heythrop Golf experience.

20th – Kathy Slark

Hook Norton Brewery tour.

21st – Freda Seath

Chipping Norton Leisure centre swim.

22nd – Margaret Sawyer

Heythrop Spa experience.

23rd – Janet Wakefield

Beauty Project £25 voucher.

24th – Mandy Widdows

Chipping Norton Leisure centre swim.

25th – Nicola Hardy

Cotswold View golf voucher.

26th – Karen Scearce

Sarah Elizabeth Photography Voucher.

27th – Jenn Vale

Oxford Shooting school voucher.

28th – Rachel Hunt

£40 shopping voucher.

29th – Karen Solla

Hydrangea Plant from Applegarth.

30th – Oliver Spicer

Wild at Hearth £25 gift voucher.


The Showground
Morris Dancers from Finstock & Charlbury
The Dog Show