2022 May Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on May 29, 2022

DRAFT MINUTES – for pdf version click here: 2022 May Minutes

E N S T O N E   P A R I S H    C O U N C I L

Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday 19th May 2022 at 7.10pm

PRESENT: Parish Councillors N. Knott (Chair), R. Parker, A. Ward, D. Robottom, P. Johnson, M Baggaley, DC A. Wilson, and eleven residents.

Minutes Cllr C. Glendinning,

APOLOGIES: Mrs Beth Sinclair, Parish Clerk; Cllr P. Shaw, CC G Saun.

45. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & MEMBERS’ REGISTER OF INTERESTS- There were no declarations of interest.


The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 28th April 2022, having previously been circulated, were read, approved, and signed by Cllr. N Knott.

47. Matters Arising:-

*Graffiti from bus shelter & repair of benches – Cllr Robottom confirmed that the 

handyman would be covered by the PC insurance. An hourly rate of £12, was

agreed. The handyman will be asked to quote for the work and provide an estimate of the cost of materials.

*Remembrance Sunday – wreath – ongoing

* Caravans – Green Lane – DC A Beaney – ongoing

* Condolence Book; photos of Queen; flags etc. – ongoing

* S106 monies for recreation – ongoing 

* Parked cars – A44 verges – planters – ongoing

  • Fencing – The Paddocks – Cllr Knott reported that she had attended a meeting with Peerless, Persimmon, Thames Water and residents to look at the unsightly industrial fencing that had been erected around the plant in The Paddocks.  All agreed that this was totally unsuitable for a residential environment and they all agreed that it will be replaced with wooden panelling. Thames Water will also renew the filters in the plant

* PC Mike Baggaley – forms from WODC completed – ongoing?

* PC’s insurance – does not cover Eco Group or Enstone Show

* Community Speed Watch – place camera on Lidstone Road – ongoing

* Parking warden – outside shop – ongoing

  • 20s Plenty – letter of approval is being provided by CC Geoff & Beth will complete OCC questionnaire
  • Litter bins – Cllr Knott has taken photos of the two bins concerned and the clerk will contact WODC.

48. Public Discussion

Trees in the sports field bounding the properties in The Paddocks. Two residents from the Paddocks had requested that these trees be trimmed back as they were becoming too bushy. Nicholsons have quoted £1326, incl vat, for the trimming of these trees. It was noted that this work would be ongoing and be required approximately every three years. It was decided to hold a meeting with the ESSC, the residents concerned and the Parish Council.

Cllr Glendinning asked that the glass bus shelter be cleaned and she will contact Josh Hunt.

Cllr Glendinning asked that the weeds growing along the parish hall boundary wall on Coxs lane be sprayed. The Clerk will ask that this be included in the weed control when it is carried out.

Enstone Eco group – Mrs Sawyer thanked Cllr Shaw and the Clerk for the warm reception they had received at the Annual Parish Meeting. She advised that space was available for four electric vehicles at the Enstone Show. The Group is also researching the most suitable places to plant trees and had received a report to guide them in this. They will also look into the possibility of a path/cycle way from Enstone to Charlbury via Ditchley.

A committee member from Enstone Show asked if the PC would be willing to make a grant to the Jubilee Events. Under section 145 of the local government

act it was agreed that £500 will be granted. This donation is not to be used for the purchase of alcohol.

49. Bourne Leisure

Cllr Knott welcomed Mr Dean Saunders, the General Manager of Heythrop Park, to the meeting. Mr Saunders began by explaining that Bourne Leisure owns Warners, Haven and Butlins. Mr Saunders had attended the meeting to explain the recent licence applications for variations to the licensing hours.

He advised that their target market was the 50+ age group, couples and family groups. The average stay was 2-4 nights. They expect around 80,000 visitors a year and will employ 300 staff. 

Their visitors come to relax in the hotel and spa, visit the local areas and play golf.

Bourne Leisure want to be good neighbours to the local villages.

The licence application is standard throughout the hotels; the Spa licence to 11pm is also a standard throughout the business.

They do not hold weddings or conferences.

The Marquee will be taken down and the entertainment will be in theatre and ballroom.

The golf club will offer local memberships, up to 100, and the spa will be open to local residents at agreed times.

He confirmed that no children are allowed.

Fireworks : the only time will be at Christmas and New Year and these will be before the guests go in to dinner.

Cllr Johnson raised the matter of the junction with traffic coming off the A44 onto the B4030. The PC asked if there could be a transport representative nominated to liaise with the PC.

Two local residents raised the issue of HGVs being directed along the drive of Broadstone Estate because of the failure in their satnav to identify the correct driveway. This is particularly dangerous as children play along here. Mr Saunders said he would look into this.

Mr Saunders said that part of the licensing agreement was to be more flexible in that residents at Heythrop would be allowed to purchase alcohol to drink in their rooms, or take on a picnic in the grounds. This is not currently permitted.

Mr Saunders confirmed that there will be no outdoor entertainment therefore the noise would be limited. They will not be holding music festivals.

All the concerns raised by the residents and the parish council were talk through in detail by Mr D Saunders.

Cllr Knott thanked Mr Saunders for attending the meeting and allaying the fears of local residents.

Cllr Baggaley suggested we write to the Parish Council of Studley Castle which is owned by Bourne Leisure to ask what their experience has been working with them.

50. Parish Hall – no report.

51. County Councillors report – no report.

52. District Councillors report – DC Alex Wilson advised that following the recent elections, an alliance has now been formed and a cabinet will be elected next week.

DC Wilson offered to look into any matters of concern this parish council may have which may not necessarily be on the agenda. He was thanked for this offer.


53. Correspondence:-

West Oxfordshire District Council;-


Oxfordshire County Council:-

  • EV charging points –  It was agreed that the questionnaire was not required and OCC should make the decision.
  • Consultation – SteepleBarton/Westcott Barton & Enstone Proposed 20mph & Other Speed Limits – Noted.

Parish Council – Correspondence:-

  • Parish Councillor Vacancy – to be advertised.
  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – updates, plaques for trees, “mapping” the trees; OCC – planting Tree on The Green at Bicester Rd/A44 junction – at expense of OCC
  • Worths Garage – Cllr Knott advised that Worths are putting in two EV charging points but that they will not be high speed.
  • OALC – April’s update – noted
  • OALC – Fraud in Parish Councils – noted

54. Planning Applications:-

  • Premises Licence Variation – Heythrop Leisure and Spa
  • Heythrop Park Hotel & Conference Centre – Variation of premises licence
  • Land at Chapel Lane – Monday 23rd May 7.00 pm; Enstone School Hall

Decisions Received:-

21 The Paddocks, Enstone, 22/00762/CLP – Certificate of Lawfulness (erection of a single storey rear extension) – Approved

• 2 Chalford Park Cottages, Oxford Rd, Old Chalford, 22/00601/HHD – Erection of a two storey side extension and conversion of existing outbuilding, to provide ancillary accommodation along with the construction of a detached garage (amended plans) – Approved

55. Finance:-

  1. To agree the following accounts for payment:-   

Santander Account (normal parish account):-

Mrs Beth Sinclair £832.00

  • NEST Pension Scheme (er) £26.30
  • NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £35.06
  • NI Employee contribution £9.55
  • NI Employer contribution £19.27
  • Thomas Fox, Parish Hall £245.70
  • Thomas Fox, grass verges & graveyard/cemetery £919.80
  • SLCC Membership £171.00
  • Trophies Plus Medals Ltd £94.99
  • Flags, bunting, mugs (prizes for best portrait) £89.42
  • Facepainting for Pre-School children £9.40
  • Union Jack plates, napkins etc. for 4th June £65.98
  • OALC, training £66.00
  • AJG Community Schemes Insurance Policy – 7 £508.42
  • Namesco, website fees (two yearly) £67.19


  • Bank interest 2020/2021 £2.76

b) Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2021/2022, to sign sections 1 & 2 – To be circulated next week.


56. Dates of Next Meetings 7.00 pm Enstone Parish Hall 

  • Monday 23rd May – 7 pm Enstone School Hall – Land at Chapel Lane
  • Thursday 23rd June – Parish Council Meeting
  • Thursday 28th July –  Parish Council meeting