2023 December Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on December 21, 2023



Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Wednesday

13th December 2023 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: PCs. P. Shaw (Chair), D. Robottom, T. Gilbert, M. Gomm, C. Glendinning & DC Andrew Beaney

APOLOGIES: PCs. N. Knott, H. Bourne-Taylor, A. Ward, R. Parker, DC Alex Wilson & CC Geoff Saul

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs Beth Sinclair (Clerk) and Mr Nathan Peart


  Cllr. Gilbert declared an interest in Enstone Airfield.


The minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on 26th October 2023, 2nd November (Finance Meeting) & and 23rd November were circulated, agreed and signed by Cllr. P. Shaw.


Mr. Peart attended the meeting stating his reasons for becoming a Parish Councillor.  He has lived in Enstone since 2022 and his areas of interest include the environment, nature, biodiversity and supporting local businesses.  He is keen to join the Parish Council to make a difference to the community.  Mr. Peart was unanimously Co-opted onto the Council and congratulated on his appointment.  Cllr. Peart signed his Declaration of Office form and joined the meeting.   The clerk will contact the Monitoring Officer at WODC regarding the Register of Interest forms and Code of Conduct.   She will also email Cllr. Peart the Parish Councillor’s Handbook, Standing Orders and training dates arranged via the OALC (Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils).

240.     Matters arising:-

  • Relocation of dog/waste bin Church Enstone – ongoing
  • Police Speedwatch – ongoing
  • Damaged gates at the Quarry entrance.  Ditchley Estate has no responsibility for these gates.  The clerk will contact Health & Safety at WODC, as advised.
  • Santander – deposit account – ongoing
  • The Old Mont Abbott, Fulwell, plaque – ongoing
  • Life Certificate stamp – the clerk brought the stamp to the meeting.
  • Botley West Consultation update – the power point slides from the recent presentation were circulated.   Noted.
  • Car park signage at school – ongoing (DC Andrew Beaney)

241.     Public Discussion:-

  • PC Tom Gilbert suggested that, as with meetings at WODC, a full set of papers be made for residents at the meeting.   It was agreed to have paper copies of the agenda available and the clerk will also put a copy of the Clerk’s Briefing onto the website with the necessary information.   This will be trialed for six months.
  • PC Tom Gilbert announced his resignation at the meeting as he wishes to become more involved with the Sports Club.   He was thanked for his seven years on the Parish Council and the clerk will contact the Monitoring Officer regarding his resignation and subsequent vacancy.

242.    County Councillor’s report:-

  • No report as C Cllr Saul did not attend the meeting.

243.     District Councillors’ report:-

  • DC Andrew Beaney explained that WODC is undergoing change with the partial removal of the services provided by Publica to Cheltenham, Forest of Dean, Cotswold Councils and WODC collectively.
  • Enstone Airfield Planning Application – This was discussed at the Uplands Committee on 11th December and was deferred for legal advice.   The planning application has subsequently been withdrawn.

244.     Correspondence:-

West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • Customised build Zero Carbon homes in Chipping Norton to move forward – Noted
  • Council to significantly increase fixed penalty notices to combat anti-social behaviour – This will be put into the Ensign magazine
  • Views sought on plan to protect and enhance nature – An online survey is available for completion by 22nd December.  The clerk forwarded this to Cllrs. Bourne-Taylor and Peart.
  • Waterways Day – This had proved very successful with over 100 attendees.  Noted
  • Thames Water – online tool – For the Ensign magazine
  • Coronation Orchards – The first deadline for applications is 19th January.  The clerk forwarded the details to the Eco Group and PC Bourne-Taylor.
  • Priority Spending – An online survey was available – Noted

Oxfordshire County Council:-

o S101 Grass Cutting Agreement – PC P. Shaw signed the Agreement

o 20s Plenty – The details had been put into the Ensign magazine regarding the 20s Plenty Campaign which will commence in Spring 2024.

Parish Council – Correspondence:-

  • Sports Club – Updates – No information had yet been received from the Sports Club – this will be chased up in the New Year.
  • Parish Questionnaire – No response had been received offering help to provide tea for the elderly which was disappointing.  The clerk will contact PC Richard Parker who had provided this earlier in the year.
  • Pavement – Coxs Lane – a second quote had been received quoting circa £23,000.00.  The first quote was circa £30,000.00.   This item will be discussed in January.
  • Lidstone Road Safety – the clerk will obtain quotes for a wig wag sign.  This will be discussed further in January to include installing White Gates.
  • Bench – Cleveley Road – a resident had kindly donated the new bench for the top of Cleveley Road.  She will be thanked in the Ensign magazine.  Cllr. Gomm will kindly arrange for this to be installed and the current bench disposed of.
  • Bus Shelter Maintenance – An email had been circulated from a Company who clean out bus shelters and dispose of litter etc.  It was agreed to ask Julian Watts to see if he was interested in taking on this work.
  • School Car Park & Playing Field – to be discussed in January
  • Parish Hall – a meeting is being organised with Mr. Andrew Lee to discuss the responses from the Parish Questionnaire.   Cllr. Gomm was thanked for organising this.
  • Thomas Fox 2024 – quote.   After discussion it was agreed to accept the quote for 2024.
  • OALC – November’s update – this included training dates.
  • Chipping Norton Theatre – It was agreed to donate £200.00 to Chipping Norton Theatre.
  • High Sheriff Awards – noted.

245. Planning Applications:-

  • None

Decisions Received:-

  • 16 The Spinneys, Enstone, 23/02604/HHD – Approved

246. Finance:-

  1. The following payments were agreed:-        
  • Clerk’s Salary £1,014.1
  • Back Pay from 1.4.2023 £488.00
  • NEST Pension Scheme (er)  £30.42
  • Back pay £14.56
  • NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £40.56
  • Back pay £19.44
  • Stationery £14.85
  • Office Quarterly Expenses £78.00
  • Vodaphone £18.16
  • Rachel Hunt, Honorarium £750.00
  • (£300 to be reimbursed from PHMC)
  • Thomas Fox, Parish Hall £81.90

(b) Parish Precept & Council Tax 2024/2025

  • The precept for 2024/2025 was calculated to be £42,240.00, an increase of 7.5 % to take into account funds for a pavement from the Parish Hall to the Cox Lane/Charlbury Road junction, as detailed in the parish questionnaire.  Many residents had requested this and the cost will be circa £25,000.00.

247. Dates of Next Meetings:-

  • Thursday 18th January
  • Thursday 22nd February
  • Thursday 21st March

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 pm. Cllr. Shaw thanked everyone for attending.