2023 March Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on April 17, 2023


ENSTONE PARISH COUNCIL   Click here for pdf version

Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday

23rd March 2023 at 7.00 pm.

PRESENT: PCs. N. Knott (Chair), P. Shaw, R. Parker, A. Ward, T. Gilbert, C. Glendinning, D. Robottom, DC Alex Beaney, DC Andrew Beaney & CC Geoff Saul


APOLOGIES: PCs H. Bourne-Taylor, M. Baggaley and P. Johnson

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair, Clerk

Cllr. Knott welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  • Cllr. T. Gilbert declared an interest in Item 8 – The Mullin Project


  • The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 16th February were circulated prior to the meeting, read and approved by Cllr. N. Knott.  Cllr. Glendinning was thanked for taking these minutes.

150.     Matters arising:-

  • Heythrop Park – ongoing
  • Cloudy IT – ongoing
  • Damaged walls – Chapel Lane – CC Geoff Saul agreed to chase this up with Highways
  • The Harrow Inn – ongoing
  • Litter Picking weekend = 13 bags of rubbish had been collected.   Cllr. Knott thanked Cllr. Shaw for organizing the litter pick.   She also thanked Cllr. Parker for the litter pick undertaken in advance.  Cllr. Parker reported that there was a large amount of rubbish coming from the estate opposite the entrance to the airfield.  DC Beaney asked for a photograph of the location in order to investigate this.   A wording of a summary of the litter picking weekend was agreed and will be put onto the website and Ensign magazine.
  • Hoar Stone – Cllr. Knott reported that Ditchley Park has permission to cut back trees at the Hoar Stone.
  • Repair of bus shelter – The clerk will obtain quotes for its repair.
  • Emergency Plan – Cllr. Johnson had updated this and the clerk will circulate to all members and send to OCC.
  • Parish/Town Council Elections – Cllr. Knott explained that due to increased work commitments, Cllr. Johnson was stepping down from the Council.   The clerk will deliver the nomination papers that had been received to WODC.

151.     Public Discussion:-

  • Orbitt Homes – Contractors were still parking on the triangle.  DC Andrew Beaney will contact Orbitt Homes.
  • Knocked down signposts – The signpost at Lidstone has now been replaced.  The clerk will chase Highways regarding the two signs and Chevron that had been damaged in Gagingwell – this had been reported in January via FixMyStreet.
  • Cling Clang Lane – Further plots have been sold via Auction.  The clerk had received several queries regarding the plots as to whether planning was granted and explained that she asked people to contact the Planning Department at WODC for further information.
  • Damaged Wall at The Paddocks – An email had been received from Peerless Properties querying the collapsed wall.   The Chair explained that the Parish Council had arranged for the wall to be repaired several years ago with the existing stones and that the repair of this wall was not the responsibility of the Parish Council.   Noted
  • Senior Teas – Cllr. Parker reported that the last Senior Teas had taken place at the Parish Hall and thanked the Parish Council for paying the rent for these.   The teas had been most successful.  Cllr. Knott thanked Cllr. Parker for all his work involved with these.
  • Christmas Tree – Cllr. Gilbert reported that the location had now been chosen on the village green.   Highways will need to agree this location.   Ongoing
  • Speedwatch campaign – Cllr. Glendinning reported that out of seven residents, only four are currently able to undertake these campaigns.  A recent speed watch had taken place along the A44.   It was suggested that a speed watch takes place along the Lidstone Road.  Cllr. Glendinning was thanked for organizing these.
  • Potholes – Lidstone Road – Cllr. Knott reported that there was concern that the potholes along the Lidstone Road were being temporarily repaired with stones and will contact Highways.


152.    County Councillor’s report:- 

  • Freight & weight limits – A consultation was currently in process regarding this.
  • Verge & vestation policy – A new policy had been approved, limiting the amount of verges that will be cut.   All junctions will continue to be cut back.
  • Obesity & excess weight policy – The CC has recently approved this initiative – Cllrs. Robottom and Parker were concerned that monies were being spent on this.  Cllr. Shaw reiterated that obesity is a real public concern.  CC Saul explained that the County Council is responsible for Public Health, not the NHS.
  • Negotiations are ongoing regarding Oxfordshire United Football Club and the Water Eaton Park & Ride.
  • A Boundary Review Paper for County Council Seats is under review.

153.     District Councillors’ report:-  

  • There is an Appeal regarding a planning application at Freeland as land supply is decreasing which affects this application.
  • WODC has made its comments regarding the Salt Cross application.

154.     Correspondence:-

West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • New community crowdfunding scheme – Noted
  • Inspectors send final response to Area Action Plan for Salt Cross Garden Village – Noted
  • West Oxfordshire District Council to support additional tax on empty and second homes – Noted
  • Council tackles climate change in partnership with Town and Parish Councils – Noted

Oxfordshire County Council:-

  • Household waste recycling centres set for refresh in March and April – Noted
  • Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan – Noted
  • Area Weight Restrictions Engagement – Cllr. Glendinning agreed to respond to this

Parish Council – Correspondence:-

  • Sports Club 
  1. Business Plan – Cllr. Robottom updated the Council explaining that the Sports Club was currently preparing a Business Plan and members of the Club would explain this at the next Parish Council meeting. 
  2. S106 monies for recreation – DC Andrew Beaney confirmed that circa £75K has  been ear marked for Enstone Parish with regards to recreation.  The idea of a MUGA court at the Sports Club was discussed.  This would be available to all residents. The clerk will contact the Enstone Playing Fields Association and Parish Hall Committee for their ideas for recreation.
  3. Repairs to walls – quotes – Cllr. Ward is arranging quotes for repair to the walls.
  4. Lease Agreement – The current lease expires in September 2023.
  • One Way System – Village Shop – Quotes are awaited from OCC.   The County Council has requested that the Parish Council undertakes a local informal consultation.  The clerk will forward details from the Parish Questionnaire to OCC confirming the need for this one way system.   The works could be undertaken within the next six months.
  • Draft PC Handbook – Cllr. Shaw was thanked for all his work regarding this.  A few queries were addressed and Cllr. Shaw will update the Handbook before displaying this on the website.   
  • OALC – February’s Update – this included information on immunisations for school aged children who did not attend school.   The clerk will put this information onto the website and Ensign and request posters for the noticeboards.
  • The Mullin Project – Cllr. Knott was thanked for all her hard work in keeping the PC up to date with all the documents (over 650) on the planning portal.  The WODC Development Committee was undertaking a site visit on Friday 24th March.  There had been much confusion as to whether or not the Parish Council was allowed to attend but for Health & Safety reasons, this was not allowed (the site being next to Enstone Airfield).  S106 contributions totalling £290K for traffic safety in Enstone Parish was confirmed.  Discussion took place regarding the concerns of increased traffic throughout the Parish.  Cllr. P. Shaw will be representing the PC at the Development Committee on Monday 27th March and will reiterate these concerns.  

155. Planning Applications 

Quarry Farm, Great Tew, MW.0031/23 – Enstone Parish Council objects to this planning application

Rose Cottage, Church Enstone, 23/00462/LBC & 23/00461/HHD – Erection of a single storey rear extension and the construction of two dormer windows along with insertion of roof light to rear roof slope and replacement windows.  No objection

• Internal & external alterations to include erection of a single storey rear extension, replacement windows and the construction of two dormer windows along with insertion of roof light to rear roof slope.  Internal alterations to include changes to each floor layout, reinstate and original fire place, replacement of existing round to first floor staircase and re-siting of staircase from first to second floor.  No objection

The Old Coal Yard, Gagingwell, 23/00431/FUL – Proposed external alterations to existing building together with associated works.  No objection

The Old Coal Yard, Gagingwell, W/23/00278/PRMA – Application for New Premises Licence at The Cotswold Guy Unit – No objection but to continue to supply from local sources 

Upper Farm, Cleveley, 23/00294/HHD & 23/00295/LBC – Internal & external alterations to main house and outbuildings including double storey rear extension to main house and proposed roof lights to garage.  No objection

Land East of The Drive, Enstone, 23/00376/OUT – Outline application with some matters reserved for the development of two self-build custom-build houses and provision of vehicular accesses.  No objection

Decisions Received:-

Church Enstone Hall, Little Tew Road, Church Enstone – 23/00068/CND – Approved


Fulwell Farm, Fulwell – 22/033476/PN56 – Prior Approval Refused


Lidstone House, Lidstone – 22/03003/HHD – Approved

156. Finance:-  

a) To agree the following accounts for payment:-

. Mrs Beth Sinclair  £1,015.11  

• NEST Pension Scheme (er)    £28.60

• NEST Pension Scheme (ee)   £38.13

• Vodafone  £16.00

• Cleanslate £100.00

• Cllr. Glendinning, expenses           £238.55

• OALC, subscription   £257.87

• Enstone Parish Hall, senior lunches £50.00

• WODC, (final loan payment) £131.82

b) Year End Risk Assessment:-

• Review of Financial Risk Assessment – Noted and approved

• Review of Internal Audit Procedures – Noted and approved

• Confirm Accounting Procedure for 2023/2024 (Receipts & Payments) – Noted and agreed

• Appoint Internal Auditor for 2022/2023 – Astral Accountancy – agreed

c) The Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2022/2023 – The clerk confirmed that Moore had circulated all the paperwork necessary to complete the AGAR Return for 2022/2023

157. Dates of next meetings: –

* Thursday, 20th April

* Thursday 18th May, Annual Council Meeting & Parish Council Meeting

Thursday 25th May – Annual Parish Meeting

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm. Cllr Knott thanked everyone for