2023 October Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on November 5, 2023



Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday

26th October 2023 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: PCs. N. Knott, C. Glendinning, R. Parker, H. Bourne-Taylor, M. Gomm, D. Robottom, P. Shaw, T. Gilbert, DC Alex Wilson, CC Geoff Saul & three residents

APOLOGIES: PC A. Ward and DC Andrew Beaney

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair, Clerk and Mr. Andrew Lee, Chair, Parish Hall Management Committee




  • The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 21st September 2023 were circulated prior to the meeting, read and approved by all Members and signed by Cllr. N. Knott.

220.     Matters arising:-

  • Netwise, emails – All Parish Councillors and the clerk are now able to change to email addresses as agreed in the Standing Orders and PC Handbook.  Mrs. Rachel Hunt, the webmaster, was thanked for all her hard work with this.
  • Bollards outside the school – Highways have inspected these and will repair the broken bollards within 28 days.
  • Employer’s responsibilities – ongoing
  • Laptop for The Chair – ongoing
  • Eco Group – an update was circulated – The grant for the wildflower border at Great Tew Junction was not granted and the group will work on this for Summer 2024.
  • Police Speed Watch – The Chair will contact the police directly for an update.
  • Remembrance Sunday – Cllr. Bourne-Taylor agreed to represent the Enstone Parish Council.
  • Relocation of dog/waste bin Church Enstone – ongoing
  • Secondary growth of a tree – Church Enstone Green – Highways had carried out an inspection and stated that there was no safety concern.  The Chair recommended that this secondary growth be trimmed by the Parish Council and be discussed at the finance meeting.
  • Westbourne House – the resident was concerned that the speed cameras were not in the correct position and, therefore, did not work.  The Chair visited the site with the resident and explained that the lights only flashed when vehicles were speeding.
  • The Harrow – DC Alex Wilson confirmed that an enforcement order has been issued with regards to the proposed five bedrooms.  Work on the extension to the pub was approved in 2014 by the Planning Department.
  • A meeting with Sports Club to discuss the lease and rent has been arranged for Tuesday 31st October with Cllrs. Shaw, Ward and Gilbert.
  • One-Way System at the Village Shop – as there had been one objection, the work cannot commence as OCC needs to discuss the objection at a Cabinet Meeting in January 2024.
  • Damaged gates at The Quarry – The Chair has contacted Ditchley Estate who confirms it is not its responsibility.  The Chair will forward pictures of the damaged gates to DC Alex Wilson.

221.     Public Discussion:-

  • There will be fireworks at Soho Farmhouse on the 5th November & 31st December.  Noted
  • A resident came to thank the Parish Council for arranging the “Children Crossing” signs on the B4022 at the Woodford Bridge.
  • The recent works on the B4022 have been completed.
  • There have been issues with parking outside the shop between residents and the shop owners.
  • The QR Codes for the HoarStones are near completion.  The clerk will forward the information from the History Society.  Mr Graeme Garden has agreed to do the voiceover for this.
  • There has been a recent spay of graffiti including the new play equipment on the Playing Field and three walls of the newly-painted bus shelter opposite Worths Garage.  The Chair has contacted the police and Cllr. Ward has kindly agreed to cover up the graffiti at the bus stop.
  • A resident had emailed the Parish Council with her concerns over 20s Plenty.  Noted.
  • Cllr. Shaw reported that circa seven of the 50 mph signs that were installed on the B4030 between Enstone and Gagingwell have been damaged and knocked during the grass-cutting season. Cllr. Saul will report this to Highways.
  • A member of the Eco Group attended the meeting requesting that if the grass cutting is reduced in the next season, could the Parish Council fund some of the cuttings to be taken away at the time of being cut.  The Chair explained that this will be discussed at the Finance Meeting on 2nd November.

Mr. Andrew Lee – Chair, Parish Hall Management Committee

Mr Lee attended the meeting to address his concerns about the lack of volunteers for all areas of the Parish.  The Hall can currently cover its costs but there is concern regarding the costs of the maintenance that is required on a long-term basis.  It is regretful that the Enstone Show had to be cancelled due to a lack of volunteers for the committee.  New ideas are needed in terms of how, for example, the sports club and school can become more involved in the community.  It is noted that only 10 per cent of residents have completed the parish survey so far. After discussion, it was agreed that Cllr. Robottom will contact the Friends of the School. 

222.    County Councillor’s report:-

  • CC Saul explained that the A44 will be included in the current Weight Limit Pilot Scheme which also includes the A40, A361 and A429.
  • The Adkins A44 Corridor Strategy is also awaited.
  • 20s Plenty – the cost to the Parish Council, should the scheme be approved, is nil.
  • Highways’ figures – Reported damaged potholes between April and August this year totalled 20,668 compared to circa 12,000 last year.  133 defects in the parish of Enstone were reported (FixMyStreet) which totalled 3.28 % of the Woodstock & Chipping Norton area.

223.     District Councillors’ report:-

  • DC Wilson reported that there is a new community support grant scheme called “Westhive”.  Noted.

224.     Correspondence:-

West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • Council launches ‘Westhive’ community crowdfunding to transform neighbourhoods – noted
  • Autumn Newsletter-Community Support – Noted
  • WODC ReshuffleNoted
  • Council commits more help to prevent people from becoming homeless – Noted
  • Working in partnerships is the key to meeting Council ambitions – Noted
  • Local Plan 2041 – Cllr. Knott and Bourne-Taylor attended the open event at Glyme Hall and were disappointed with the lack of available information.  PC Bourne-Taylor attended to discuss WODC’s verge policies and PC Knott drew concern that the proposed 1200 new houses in Chipping Norton might not go ahead as a Roman settlement had been discovered on the site. 100 houses were currently proposed adjacent to Lidstone Road.  CC Saul explained that circa 1K to 2K homes were planned over a twenty-year period.

Oxfordshire County Council:-

  • CONSULTATION – Enstone (incl. Cleveley, Gagingwell, Lidstone & Radford) proposed 20mph & 30mph Speed Limits – PC Shaw expressed disappointment that the 20 mph did not extend along the A44 to the Cleveley Road to the South and to the Drive in the North. Both the Drive and Cleveley Road are proposed as 20 mph.  CC Shaw explained that OCC needed to ensure that the areas by the school, village shop and residential home were included and these were the priority areas.
  • Technical Lead – Bus Infrastructure, Oxfordshire County Council – Noted
  • Changes to Schedule 1 of S101 grass cutting agreement  – The clerk is awaiting for further information from OCC regarding the new grass cutting agreement.
  • Parish Transport Representatives Meeting – Cllr. Robottom agreed to attend this.
  • Health & Wellbeing Strategy – For Ensign

Parish Council – Correspondence:-

  • Resignation – PC Baggaley has resigned from the Parish Council and was thanked for all his hard work over the past 18 months.   The clerk will advertise the vacancy in Ensign and inform the Monitoring Officer at WODC.
  • Cllr. Richard Parker – the Chair congratulated PC Parker on his 25th anniversary as Enstone Parish Councillor.   Cllr. Parker also drew concern over the lack of community spirit and engagement within the parish and the lack of volunteers.   He explained that it has been a privilege and honour to be a Parish Councillor.  He hoped that new families will move into the development opposite the Harrow Inn.
  • Wellers Hedleys – Paperwork from the Solicitors in relation to the new lease at the sports club had been posted to the parish hall.   The Chair signed the documents as requested by the solicitor.
  • Santander – change of details – the clerk had received correspondence concerning Mr. Ian Henderson and Mrs. Marilyn Ivings still being held on their records as signatories.  The clerk explained that she had contacted the bank in 2015 and had received confirmation that the bank had received the changes that Mr. Henderson and Mrs. Ivings had left the Council. However, there is a glitch in the bank’s computer system as their names are still on the deposit account. The necessary paperwork was completed and signed by PCs. Knott and Shaw who are the current signatories, in agreement with the Parish Council.
  • PC Handbook – PC Shaw had completed the Handbook and this had been circulated to all members.  PC Shaw was thanked for all his work with this.  It will now be put onto the website.
  • Noticeboards & Benches – With regards to the replacement of the bench on the top of Cleveley Road, a discussion took place about whether this should be wooden or plastic.  PC Ward had contacted the clerk before the meeting expressing concern of a plastic bench.  After discussion, 6:2 voted in favour of a plastic bench.   The clerk had circulated quotes for either a wooden or aluminium replacement noticeboard in Enstone.   The query of whether this, too, should be plastic was discussed and the clerk will obtain quotes.
  • Parish Questionnaires – only ten per cent of residents had responded.  It was agreed to put paper copies of the questionnaire into next month’s Ensign magazine and to extend the deadline of responses to Friday 17th November.  Cllr. Glendinning and Mrs Rachel Hunt were thanked for their hard work on these.
  • Christmas Tree on The Green – Cllr. Gilbert requested that the clerk obtain a rescheduled quote from two years ago.
  • OALC – September’s update – this included details of the 80th Anniversary of D-Day celebrations, to be held on 6th June 2024.
  • Community Speedwatch – Cllr. Glendinning explained that she would no longer continue with this and was despondent with the lack of volunteers to help.   She was thanked for all her years of hard work on this.  Volunteers now have to enrol on the CSW website and complete road safety questionnaires to a set standard before they are eligible to take part in the CSW. This deters many people from joining.

225. Planning Applications

16 The Spinneys, Enstone, 23/02604/HHD – Erection of a single-storey infill rear extension along with the conversion of garage to create additional living space.  Construction of storm porch and insertion of window to front elevation.  Works to include the addition of timber cladding and render to external walls.  No objection

• Fairytale Farm, Oxford Road, Southcombe, 23/01803/FUL – No objection

Decisions Received:-

• Land East of The Drive, Enstone, 23/00376/OUT – Outline application with some matters reserved for the development of two self-build custom-build houses and provision of vehicular accesses.  Approved subject to Legal Agreement

226. Finance:-

  1. To agree the following accounts for payment:-

• Clerk’s Salary £953.26

• NEST Pension Scheme (er)    £28.60

• NEST Pension Scheme (ee)   £38.13

• HMRC, NI Contributions £80.82

• HMRC, employee tax (Beth) £13.60

• Netwise £301.76

• Moore, External Audit £252.00

• Citizens Advice, donation £200.00

• Royal British Legion £23.98

• Complete Weed Control £360.00

• Thomas Fox, Parish Hall £245.70

• Thomas Fox, verges & graveyards £919.80

• Enstone Parish Hall, rent £86.40

• SurveyMonkey £384.00


• WODC, Precept     £19,642.00

  1. Statement of Affairs to 30.9.2023 – This was circulated to all members prior to the meeting.  Cllr. Glendinning will confirm that the accounts are accurate and was thanked for this.
  2. Moore, External Audit Report – This was circulated and approved.  There were no matters arising apart from one administrative error.

227. Dates of next meetings: –

* Thursday 2nd November – Finance Meeting

* Thursday 23rd November – Parish Council Meeting

* Thursday 14th December – Parish Council Meeting – St. Kenelm’s Church

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00 pm. Cllr. Knott thanked everyone for