2024 January Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on January 27, 2024



Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday
18th January 2024 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: PCs. N. Knott (Chair), P. Shaw, D. Robottom, A. Ward, R. Parker, M. Gomm, N. Peart, DCs Andrew Beaney, Alex Wilson and three members of the public.
APOLOGIES: PCs H. Bourne-Taylor, C. Glendinning & CC Geoff Saul

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs Beth Sinclair (Clerk)

Cllr. Knott declared an interest in item 7, Lidstone Road Safety.

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13th December 2023 were circulated, agreed and signed by Cllr. P. Shaw.

PC Knott thanked Cllr. Richard Parker for agreeing to stay on the Parish Council for a few more months. Cllr. Parker has moved away from the Parish but as he works within the Parish, he is allowed to continue on the Parish Council.

3. Matters arising:-
• Police Speed Watch – No further action
• Damaged Gates at the entrance to the quarry – DC Andrew Beaney will contact the fly-tipping department at WODC for advice as it is of great concern that fly-tipping will occur particularly with the damaged gates.
• Santander – The clerk confirmed that the deposit account has been reactivated.
• The Old Mont Abbott, Fulwell, plaque – DC Alex Wilson will find out who to contact regarding repainting the plaque.
• Car park signage at school unclear – DC Beaney has a School Governor’s meeting on Monday 22nd January and will report back at February’s meeting.
• New bench Cleveley Rd – Cllr. Gomm reported that the current bench is cemented into the ground. The clerk will contact Mr. Paget to obtain a quote for removing the current bench.
• New sign, Lidstone Rd, – work being carried out 22nd February
• New noticeboard – Enstone – Quotes have been received to replace the noticeboard in Enstone. Cllr. Peart will obtain a second quote.
• Senior Residents’ Teas – Cllr. Parker explained that only 12 residents had attended the first teas. The PC thanked him for organising this event.

4. Public Discussion:-
• Radford 20 mph signs – a complaint had been received from a resident in Radford querying the need for a 20 mph sign and an unrestricted mph sign on a narrow lane in Radford. CC Saul had responded to the resident concerned, explaining the statutory obligation to do this following the consultation.
• Weed Control 2024 – A member of the Eco Group queried whether herbicides or pesticides were used for the treatment of weeds. The clerk explained that the quote for 2024 had just been received and this will be checked and discussed at February’s meeting.
• Fly Tipping – Lidstone Road – Cllr. Knott reported flying tipping of a sofa and car tyres that had been collected by WODC promptly.

5. County Councillor’s report:-
• No report as CC Saul had sent apologies.

6. District Councillors’ report:-
• DC Beaney explained that there was nothing to report.

7. Correspondence:-

West Oxfordshire District Council:-
* Biodiversity Action Plan/Eco Group; quote for biodiversity study – All members had received the Biodiversity Action Plan and quote for a biodiversity study, kindly organised by the Eco Group. It was agreed to fund the £170.00 study to review the habitat within the parish. This study would then enable the Eco Group to establish a five-year plan for conservation, enhancement and biodiversity within the Parish. This is in line with the new duty that came into force on 1st January for Parish & Town Councils to consider biodiversity from time to time about managing buildings, recreation grounds, cemeteries and allotments. The Eco Group was thanked for its work with this. Cllr. Peart expressed an interest in helping the Eco Group with this plan and was thanked for this. Cllr. Shaw explained that this study will not be a comprehensive review.
* A member of the public explained that meetings are held at the Blue Boar in Chipping Norton on the first Thursday of every month from 6.00 pm called “People/Planet/Pint” and centres around ecological studies.

Oxfordshire County Council:-
o Council Charter – Cllr. Knott and the clerk will attend a meeting on 6th February at WODC Offices where the County, District, Town & Parish Councils will attend to discuss the Council Charter. This is about improved working relationships between the Councils.
• TTRO (T13133) Temporary Road Closure, Gagingwell, B4030 – This road closure will take place between 13th & 16th February.
• Enstone’s Community Emergency Plan – This had been circulated to all members, including the GDPR form, to be returned to OCC. The clerk will complete this form and Cllr. Gomm and the clerk agreed to update the Emergency Plan. An article will be placed in the Ensign magazine requesting volunteer help in an emergency.
• Enstone Byways Open to All Traffic Nos. 65 and 66 Modification Order 2023 – This relates to modifications of the three sections of the Green Lane at Little Tew.

Parish Council – Correspondence:-
• Parish Councillor Vacancy – The clerk will re-advertise this vacancy in the Ensign magazine.
• Sports Club Lease – The Solicitor is on long-term leave and another member of his team will update the clerk with progress on the renewal of the lease. It was noted that the Sports Club had thanked the Parish Council in a recent edition of the Ensign magazine.
• Enstone Shop refurbishments – The shop is undergoing refurbishment. DC Beaney will send details regarding permission needed for the outside condenser to Cllr. Knott, who will contact the shop owner.
• Pavement – Coxs Lane – Two quotes have been received and the work will cost more than £25,000.00 (this would not be wheelchair friendly and would consist of timber edging). DC Beaney will forward details to the clerk regarding the possibility of applying for a loan.
• Lidstone Road Safety/quote wig wag signs – Cllr. Shaw chaired this item. Discussion took place regarding road safety along Lidstone Road, particularly during school drop-off times. The quote for a wig wag sign by the school is £2,811.46 excluding installation. The possibility of white gates was also discussed to slow vehicles along the Lidstone Road coming from Chipping Norton. These would cost £1,242.00 excluding installation. It was also noted that the 20 mph signs will also be placed along Lidstone Road. A vote took place and the majority vote was to have the wig wag signs at this time. A review will take place six months after the installation of the wig wag sign. Cllr. Knott will contact Enstone School concerning who would be responsible for the turning on and off of the wig wag signs.
• School Car Park & Playing Field – Cllrs. Knott & Gomm had met with the Headteacher of the school before Christmas. The drainage at the car park is unsatisfactory causing problems for vehicles. The Enstone Playing Fields Association is obtaining quotes on how to improve drainage. Cllr. Knott has suggested that a soak-away would be easier and that a donation from the Parish Council is given. The car park is available for use by residents but not during school hours. Ongoing
• Parish Hall – Cllr. Gomm had tried to contact Andrew Lee, Chair of the Parish Hall Management Committee, after responses to the Parish Questionnaire. No response had been received. Cllr. Knott will try and contact Mr. Lee.
• Bus Shelter Maintenance – A resident has kindly agreed to maintain the bus shelters and Cllr. Ward will help with this. Mr Josh Hunt has agreed to clean the road signs when needed.
• OALC – January’s Update & Newsletter – These documents have been circulated to all members. Cllr. Knott explained that the information was really useful. The January update included training sessions. Cllr. Shaw agreed to attend the online event on Biodiversity on 20th February and the clerk will book this. Cllrs. Peart & Bourne-Taylor will also be asked to see if they wish to attend.
• Relocation of the waste bin – Church Enstone – It was agreed to ask WODC to reinstate the waste bin behind St. Kenelm’s Church. Cllr. Knott will liaise with DC Beaney.
• Land at Church Enstone – A resident had contacted Cllr. Knott with concerns regarding the plots of land being sold at Cling Clang Farm by auction companies who were giving misinformation regarding access to the plots.
• Evenlode Catchment Partnership – Cllr. Knott had attended this interesting event and a subsequent email had been received showing a film that the partnership had subsequently produced, in connection with possible contaminated water.
• Litter Picking Date 2024 – A date of 2nd/3rd March was agreed and Cllr. Shaw will put an article in the Ensign asking for volunteers.

8. Planning Applications:-
• The Old Coalyard, Gagingwell, 23/03378/PN56 – Change of use of existing commercial premises (use class E) to dwelling house (use class C3) – The Parish Council objected to this application as it seems inappropriate to have residential homes within a commercial premises.
• Unit 1, The Old Coalyard, Gagingwell, 23/03255/S734 – Variation of condition 5 of 20/00118/FUL to make provision that retail produce sold from the premises can be sourced/sold without geographic restriction and that such produce retailed will remain ancillary to the primary Café function of the premises – No objection
• Land South West of Radford Farm Buildings, Radford, 23/03341/FUL – Erection of a two-bedded cottage for agricultural worker – No objection
Decisions Received:-
• Taillards Barn, Gagingwell, 23/01906/FUL – Erection of extensions to link Taillards Barn with The Grove together with associated works including provision of garaging with storage above – Refused
• Enstone Airfield, North Banbury Road, Enstone, 23/01569/FUL – Erection of detached single and two-storey viewing/instruction facility, including associated offices for staff and flying school users, WC facilities and garage for fire & rescue vehicle – Withdrawn

9. Finance:-

(a) The following payments were agreed:-
• Clerk’s Salary £1,014.10
• NEST Pension Scheme (er) £30.42
• NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £40.56
• Vodaphone £18.16
• Parish Council Stamp £11.75
• Information Commissioner’s Office £35.00
• Enstone Ensign leaflets £60.00
• CN Theatre £200.00
• HMRC, NI contributions £94.42
• Enstone Parish Hall, Rent £86.48
• OCC, Consultation Costs, One Way
System, Enstone Village Shop £3,652.00

(b) Quarterly Statement of affairs to 31.12.2023 – This was circulated to all members prior to the meeting and the clerk was thanked for her work with the financial accounts. Cllr. Glendinning will check the information as part of the Council’s financial audit procedures.

10. Dates of Next Meetings:-
• Thursday 22nd February
• Thursday 21st March

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 pm. Cllr. Knott thanked everyone for