Council Members

Carole Glendinning


I have been a member of the Parish Council since 2011.

I moved to Enstone in the year 2000 when working as the bursar of an educational charity in Oxford.  In 2009 I set up Enstone Oil, a non profit organisation for the provision of household oil to parishioners. This took advantage of bulk ordering to gain the best oil price of the day and reducing the effect of oil delivery vehicles on local roads. I have been a member of the Enstone Show Committee since 2014.

I feel very strongly about reducing carbon emissions and vehicles speeding through the parish. To this end I have, alongside other councillors, organised a number of ‘Speedwatch’ events using equipment bought for the council for that purpose. Lead organiser for new Speed Signs on the A44 and new “Welcome to Enstone” signs on the A44 and B4022 approach roads.