2022 April Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on May 15, 2022

For pdf version please click here: 2022 April Minutes


E N S T O N E   P A R I S H    C O U N C I L

Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday 28th April 2022 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: Parish Councillors N. Knott (Chair), P. Shaw, C. Glendinning, R. Parker, A. Ward, D. Robottom, T. Gilbert, P. Johnson, DC A. Beaney, DC A. Wilson, CC G. Saul and two residents.

APOLOGIES: PC A. Lee (working away)

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair – Parish Clerk, Mr. Mike Baggaley, Mr. Ian Cave

34. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & MEMBERS’ REGISTER OF INTERESTS – PC N. Knott declared interests in Leys Farm, The Dower House and Broad Close, Little Tew Road.


  • The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 31st March 2022, having previously been circulated, were read, approved, and signed by Cllr. Philip Shaw.
  • CO-OPTION OF MR. MIKE BAGGALEY ONTO PARISH COUNCIL – Mr. Baggaley was welcomed onto the Parish Council and formally Co-opted as a member.  PC Baggaley signed the “Declaration of Acceptance of Office” form, witnessed, and signed by the clerk.  The clerk will forward PC Baggaley details of the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Training opportunities and inform West Oxfordshire District Council of his appointment.  The clerk will also update the parish website with this information.
  • UPDATE FROM ECO GROUP – MR. IAN CAVE – Mr. Cave attended the meeting to update the Parish Council on the Eco Group’s excellent work.   
  1. Discussion took place regarding the planting of the 75 silver birch saplings to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (Queen’s Canopy).  This subject will be discussed further at the Jubilee Meeting, to be held on Tuesday 3rd May.  The Parish Council agreed it would be useful for the Eco Group to commission a “Parish Opportunity Fund” to help with guidance on this.  The Parish Council will fund this.
  2. The Eco Group will be at the Enstone Show, supporting the use of electric vehicles and bicycles and promoting other aspects of biodiversity.
  3. The clerk will contact the Parish Council’s insurance company for information as to whether the Eco Group and Enstone Show are covered by its insurance.
  4. Mr. Cave was thanked for attending the meeting.  The clerk will contact the Eco Group to explain that the Eco Group is not a SubCommittee of the Parish Council but a group with its own entity – this is following advice from OALC.


  • Graffiti from bus shelter & repair of benches – the Chair suggested that this work could be done by the handyman and Cllr. Robottom will look into this possibility.
  • Remembrance Sunday – wreath – ongoing
  • Hoar Stones – ongoing
  • Caravans, Green Lane (Restricted Byway)  The site is still to be cleared by WODC.  CC Saul was asked to investigate the possibility of a Stopping Up Order along The Green Lane to prevent this happening again.
  • Operation London Bridge – ongoing.  Revd Mark Abrey investigating prices for a Condolence book which the Parish Council will fund.
  • Emergency Plan – PC P. Johnson has updated this and the clerk will forward the details to OCC.
  • Handyman – ongoing
  • S106 monies for recreation – The clerk will put an article in the Ensign magazine regarding the S106 monies.  DC Andrew Beaney also commented that grants are available from WODC for such projects and information is circulated twice a year on how to apply for funding.
  • Verges A44 – PC Knott had obtained quotes – each planter would cost £56.00 and a further £55.00 for soil.  After a vote, 7 PCs agreed to proceed with the installation of four planters and 2 PCs voted against the proposal.   
  • Fencing – The Paddocks – A zoom meeting has been arranged by Peerless Properties Ltd, on 6th April with residents from The Paddocks, Persimmon Homes, Thames Water, the Environment Officer at WODC, DC Alex Wilson and PC N. Knott also agreed to attend – to agree on how to remedy the situation.


  • Hellipad – It has been reported to the Parish Council that a Hellipad has been built at the site of Enstone Hall.  PC Gilbert confirmed that no planning permission is required as this will be regulated under the 28 Day Ruling.   DC Andrew Beaney agreed to find out further information.
  • Thames Water – Church Enstone – PC Knott confirmed that Thames Water has now finished its works at Church Enstone.
  • Community Speed Watch – PC Glendinning organised a successful speed watch recently with the help of several residents.   PC Knott asked whether the screen could be placed at the Lidstone Road and this was agreed.
  • Potholes Lidstone Road – The pot holes are in urgent need of filling in – the clerk will contact OCC.
  • Abandoned white van Lidstone Road – the police are aware of this abandanded van.
  • Parking outside village shop – PC Robottom drew concern over the number of vehicles parked outside the shop for longer than the two hour restriction time. It is virtually impossible to park outside the shop during the day.   DC Beaney will advise the clerk as to whom the Parish Council should contact with regards to the monitoring of this.


  • The BumbleBee Border has been a great success.   The hall is fully booked and repairs are ongoing.


  • 20s Plenty Campaign – CC Saul attended the recent meeting organized by the Parish Council which, unfortunately, did not draw a great number of attendees.  CC Saul has spoken to the County Officer who is dealing with the roll out of this Scheme and he is reasonably optimistic concerning Enstone.  Further studies are required in the decceleration zones.  Of 317 Town/Parish Councils, 70 have shown an interest in the scheme.  Enstone Parish would be considered in late 2022/2023.
  • Quarry Farm – OCC approved this recent planning application although it was disappointed that it was a retrospective planning application.


  • An updated constitution of Code of Conduct has been approved and signed by both the County & District Councils.  This will be circulated to all Town & Parish Councils recommending that they also approve and sign this.
  • The Parish Council thanked DC Wilson for all his help with the fencing at The Paddocks.


West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • Town & Parish Forum – The presentation from the recent Forum was circulated to all members.   Noted.
  • Plans launched to help improve biodiversity on Councilowned green space – This was circulated to all members and the clerk shall forward this information to the Eco Group.
  • £260,156.00 for homelessness prevention across the District – Noted.
  • Litter/dog poo bins – Several complaints have been received following the District Council’s renewal programme.  The clerk will forward the map and photos to DC Beaney regarding the bin that has been relocated from behind St. Kenelm’s Church to the Little Tew Road, asking for the bin to be re-instated and for the bin that has been placed outside the village shop, to be placed back onto the village green.  The clerk will also forward the complaints to WODC.

Oxfordshire County Council:-

  • TTRO (T10203) – Temporary Road Closure and No Waiting – Enstone, Cleveley Road on 12th May.
  • TTRO (T10212) – Temporary Road Closure and No Waiting – Dean, Unnamed Dean Village Road – 28th June to 30th June.


  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – The next Jubilee Meeting takes place on Tuesday 3rd May at 7.00 pm.  The clerk confirmed her attendance at this meeting.  The Enstone Sports & Social Club and Parish Hall Management Committee are organizing events, to take place on Saturday 4th June with the help from W.I.   It was agreed to purchase badges for every primary school pupil at Enstone School to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  
  • Sports Club Lease – Three quotes will be sought from Solicitors and it was agreed that an updated valuation of the land was not required.  Cllr. Gilbert offered his assistance with this work and was thanked for this.  The Chair will liaise with Cllr. Gilbert concerning this.
  • 20s Plenty Campaign – In response to the recent survey, there were 60 residents for the Campaign and 16 against.  CC Saul will forward a letter of support towards this.  After discussion, it was agreed to promoe the 20s Plenty for the whole built up areas of the Parish, not just Enstone village.  Seven PCs voted to proceed with investigating the implementation of 20 mph in the Parish; there was one abstention and one PC voted against the scheme.
  • Women’s Cycle Tour of Britain – Chipping Norton to Oxford, Saturday 11th June 2022.  The tour will also include part of Enstone.  Noted.
  • OALC:-
  1. March’s Update – this was circulated to all members.
  2. OALC template letter for sending to MPs concerning virtual meetings.  Seven PCs agreed to sending this template and two voted against the decision.
  3. Legal Update Presentation – This was circulated to all members.  Noted.

42. Planning Applications:-

  • Leys Farm, Little Tew Road, Church Enstone, 22/00673/FUL – Erection of two agricultural barns, including solar panels with associated hardstanding, planting and drainage.  No objection
  • Land for Electronic Communications Site at Enstone Airfield, Enstone, (Cellnex, Vodafone & telefonia) – The installation of 1 No. 0.3 m dish @ 25.5 m AGL to the existing established 27.5 m telecommunications tower with all related ancillary devices and works thereto.  No objection

Decisions Received:-

  • 7 Cleveley Rd, Enstone – Erection of two detached dwellings with associated parking and provision of new vehicular accesses to serve existing and new dwellings – Approved
  • The Dower House, Lidstone Rd, Enstone – Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness to confirm that the use of Dower House as a dwelling house in breach of condition 2 of planning permission W87/2018 (restricting the occupation of the dwelling to person solely or mainly employed or last employed in the locality in agriculture or foresty, or a dependent of such a person residing with him or her) is now lawful.  Approved
  • Heythrop Park Hotel – Phase 2B works including demolition works and redevelopment of existing maintenance area to provide new bedroom accommodation block, enclosed walkway, landscaping and all incidental works.  Development of part of overall upgrading of Heythrop Park Hotel and estate – Approved
  • Broad Close, Little Tew Rd, Church Enstone – Demolition of existing porch.  Construction of a single storey garden room to north elevation.  Internal alterations to remove modern partition walls and block off two existing windows.  Refused

43. Finance:-

a) To agree the following accounts for payment – Santander Account (normal parish account):-

  • Mrs Beth Sinclair £841.99
  • NEST Pension Scheme (er) £26.30
  • NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £35.06
  • NI, employee £9.55
  • NI, employer £19.27
  • Ensign, annual donation £450.00
  • WODC, Loan £573.61
  • Parish Hall, rent £81.00
  • British Hardwood Tree Nursery, 75 saplings £157.58


  • WODC, 1st Precept £16,765.00

b) Statement of Affairs to 31.3.2022 – This had been circulated, with a copy of the accounts, to all members of the Parish Council prior to the meeting.   It was unanimously agreed that this was a correct record and thanked the clerk for her work with this.

44. Dates of Next Meetings at 7.00 pm:-

  • Thursday 12th May – Annual Parish Meeting, Main Hall, Parish Hall
  • Thursday 19th May – Annual Council Meeting and Parish Council Meeting
  • Thursday 23rd June – Parish Council Meeting