2022 March Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on April 7, 2022

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E N S T O N E   P A R I S H    C O U N C I L

Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday 31st March 2022 at 6.30 pm

PRESENT: Parish Councillors N. Knott (Chair), P. Shaw, C. Glendinning, R. Parker, A. Lee, A. Ward, D. Robottom (6.45 pm), T. Gilbert (7.15 pm), P. Johnson (via zoom), DC A. Beaney, DC A. Wilson and two residents from The Paddocks.


IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair – Parish Clerk

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and a 

minute’s silence was held to reflect on the war in Ukraine

23. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & MEMBERS’ REGISTER OF INTERESTS – Cllr. Gilbert declared an interest in Item 11 – Planning Applications – Enstone Enterprises and Enstone Aerodrome Limited.


  • The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th February 2022, having previously been circulated, were read, approved, and signed by Cllr. Philip Shaw.


  • Two residents attended the meeting to explain that Persimmon Homes had replaced the wooden fencing with an unsightly steel fence at the site, without any consultation or explanation.  It was originally a panelled wooden fence which contained the smell, but because of the new fencing, there is an awful smell coming into residents’ homes.  The residents have contacted Persimmon Homes and the Management Committee of The Paddocks, to no avail and the situation is causing distress amongst residents.
  • The Parish Council expressed support and sympathy with this situation.  
  • The residents will contact Thames Water who will be adopting the site from Persimmon Homes.
  • District Councillors Beaney and Wilson will look at the site after the meeting and discuss this situation with the Planning Department at WODC.  The original planning application needs to be reviewed regarding the contractual obligations.


  • Graffiti from bus shelter – A risk assessment will be required before undertaking the work
  • Repair of Benches – A risk assessment will be required before undertaking the work
  • Remembrance Sunday – wreath – ongoing
  • Hoar Stones – Cllr. Knott had met with a member of Ditchley Park and the trees at the Hoar Stones have been mapped out.  Ditchley Park will contact Historic England to see whether any trees can be removed.  Cllr. Glendinning was thanked for clearing the dead ivy off the wall.  
  • Lidstone – Highways has confirmed that it will be repairing the damaged drains.
  • Caravans, Green Lane (Restricted Byway)  Specialist equipment is needed to clear up the site but due to Covid, there is currently a shortage of staff.  Cllr. Beaney ensured that the area will be cleaned up in due course.
  • Verges A44 – Cllr. Knott will obtain quotes for the installation of planters.  The Parish Council will investigate sponsorship for these.


  • Cllr. Knott reported that the signpost directing vehicles to Lidstone from the A44 had blown over and this has been reported to Highways.
  • Cllr. Knott reported that the “Not suitable for heavy vehicles“ sign had been deliberately crashed into along the Lidstone Road.
  • Cllr. Knott reported fly tipping at the field entrance to her property.  There is evidence who this belongs to – Cllr. Beaney explained that WODC will clear up fly tipping and will follow up if there is evidence who has left it.   The clerk will explain this in the Ensign magazine.
  • A resident has reported a water leak from the spring on the slipway off the Bicester Road which is cascading down the A44.  This is either the responsibility of Thames Water or Highways to fix – Cllr. Knott is in discussion with both parties regarding this.   
  • A resident has reported the need for the pavement/verge from the Crown Inn to the bridge in Church Enstone to be cleared up following the works by Thames Water.  
  • A branch has fallen off a tree at the triangle along the Bicester Road.  Cllr. Ward is arranging for this to be cleared up.
  • A resident has reported that rubbish has been left in his gateway/field entrance.  Cllr. Knott has contacted the resident concerned.
  • Cllr. Parker reported an excess amount of banners along the Bicester Road, promoting The Crown at Church Enstone and queried whether a Brown Sign would be more appropriate.  This will be monitored once the road is re-opened following the works by Thames Water.


  • A resident had contacted the clerk enquiring when the exterior of the building will be cleaned and the gutters cleared out.  This information has been passed onto the Parish Hall Management Committee.
  • Cllr. Lee reported that the Hall is currently very busy.



  • Cllr. Wilson explained that this is the last day before the price of energy rises substantially and encouraged all residents to take a meter reading.


West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • First electric vehicle charging points to go live – Noted
  • Planting Pollinators with Pupils – This information was passed onto the Eco Group.  It was suggested that maybe a similar project could be undertaken at Enstone School.
  • Council awards community grants to support local projects and community groups – Noted
  • Climate Action Biannual Report reveals positive action against climate change – This information was forwarded to the Eco Group.
  • Council pleased to see no plans for Cotswold National Park – Noted
  • Rural travel options in county transport plans – The Parish Council was in full support of the District Council’s response regarding rural transport.
  • Introducing the all-electric road sweeper – The information was passed to the Eco Group.
  • Bin Rationalisation & Renewal Programme – Following the bin renewal programme, a few residents had queried the changes and that there are now insufficient bins at the bus stop and along the A44.  The clerk will contact WODC concerning this.  The Chair will undertake a site visit at the village shop/Green to see what the changes were.

Oxfordshire County Council:-

  • TTRO (T10024) Temporary Road Closure and “No Waiting” at Enstone, Cleveley Road – 7th to 8th May
  • TTRO (T9979) Temporary Road Closure at Enstone, Slip Road, side of 13 Bicester Road, OX7 – 16th May to 18th May
  • TTRO (T9985) Temporary Road Closure – Chipping Norton, Pear Tree Cottage, Road through Dean OX7 3LB – 23rd May to 25th May


  • Update Eco Group – The updated report had been circulated to all members.   Noted
  • Parish Councillor Vacancy – It was agreed to offer the vacancy to the one resident who had applied.   He will be Co-opted onto the Council on 24th April and the clerk will contact him.
  • Litter Picking Weekend – Cllr. Shaw was thanked for all his work with this.  Around 25 volunteers helped with the litter picking and a vast quantity of rubbish was collected.  The Parish Council thanked all those residents who had taken part.  WODC had collected some of the collected rubbish but not all.  Bagged rubbish and other items have yet to be picked up by WODC at the entrance to the quarry, at the crossroads of the B4022 and the B4030, at the lay-by on the B4030 close to the entrance to the Airfield Industrial Estate and at the lay-by at the eastern end of Gagingwell on the B4030.  Cllr. Beaney agreed to arrange to have this picked up.  There was also fly tipping opposite the entrance to the airfield and asbestos along The Green Lane.  A report will be put into the Ensign magazine.
  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Cllrs. Shaw and Glendinning held a meeting with various organisations within the Parish and reported an enthusiastic response to the suggestion of a community celebration.  The following organisations were represented – The Horticultural Society; Parish Hall; Women’s Institute; Sports & Social Club; Enstone Show; Brownies & Guides; Eco Group; Parish Council.  
  • The Sports Club will be holding an open afternoon on Saturday 4th June for all residents to attend, to bring a plate of food to share and the bar will be open for drinks.  There will be games for children and a prize for the best ‘King & Queen’ fancy dress.  
  • A display by the History Society would be welcomed – The Chair explained that she had the programme from the Coronation and robes which can be on display.   
  • The Women’s Institute has offered to contribute food which the Parish Council will fund.
  • There will be a memory book and it was also suggested that this be taken to Enstone House.  It was suggested that the children serve tea to the residents of Enstone House on the 4th June.
  • A discussion was held regarding the purchase of 70 bare root trees/shrubs to present to children at the event and the Eco Group will organize this.  The Chair will contact the Enstone Playing Field Association to see if it has room for some of the trees.  
  • Enstone School is also keen to take part and the children will be invited to draw a picture of the Queen and the winner will receive a prize.
  • An article will be written in the Ensign magazine and a WhatsApp group has been set up.
  • The clerk will check how much the Parish Council has budgeted for the Jubilee and other suggestions included a noticeboard, bench, mugs.
  • Sports Club Lease – Cllrs. A. Ward, R. Parker, T. Gilbert and D. Robottom attended a meeting with the Sports & Social Club (SSC) regarding the renewal of the current lease which expires in September 2023. The SSC does wish to apply for a new 25 year lease (with the suggestion of a five year break clause) and the intention of the SCC is to make the facilities available to the community. The Club would like to install an all weather surface MUGA to allow tennis, basketball, hockey, 5 a-side football and rugby to be played, to make the playing field open to more groups in the community. The Chair agreed to read through the current files and report back at the next meeting.
  • 20s Plenty Campaign – It was disappointing that only eleven residents attended the meeting, to support the Parish Council and County Council in its bid to have 20 mph signs installed around the parish.  
  • A petition to support the introduction of a 20 mph speed restriction in Lidstone had been signed by the residents of Lidstone and were thanked for this.
  • County Cllr. Geoff Saul attended the meeting and gave a presentation; Cllr. D. Robottom explained the results of the survey undertaken in 2019, demonstrating the need for traffic calming within the village.  Cllr. Glendinning explained how the SpeedWatch Campaign works and the need for more volunteers.  
  • At the meeting, eleven residents and the three Parish Councillors who attended were in favour of the Campaign and one Parish Councillor spoke against, as he felt that one per cent of the parish attending demonstrated a lack of interest in the campaign.
  • A follow up meeting will be arranged with members from Chipping Norton Town Council, The Police and Transport Agency.   
  • DC Beaney explained that there is a limited budget and it is on a “first come, first served basis” – it was therefore agreed that there was no time for a follow up meeting but the PC will produce a survey for the website, Facebook and Next Door, asking for residents to either support or oppose the campaign.  The deadline for responses will be Thursday 21st April.  The clerk will write a report for the Ensign magazine.
  • Artyard Café – The Parish Council welcomes the new tenants to the Artyard Café and Cllr. Ward will look at the WODC’s website regarding the possibility of the Artyard Café being an Asset of Community Value.  
  • Handyman – Following information from the Parish Council’s Insurance Company, it was agreed that the handyman be self-employed and the Parish Council will carry out risk assessments on all tasks that are required.  Cllr. Robottom agreed to investigate this further.  The role will be paid at £12.50 per hour.
  • Bumblebee Border Parish Hall – Following the last meeting, the Bumblebee Border is now in situ at the Parish Hall and the resident has been thanked for undertaking this work.  It was suggested that a Jubilee Platinum Bench be placed at the site to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations.
  • Citizens Advice requesting support – The Parish Council agreed to donate £200.00 to the work of Citizens Advice as no funding support has been requested since 2019.
  • OALC:-

February’s Update – This had been circulated to all members

– What can your Council do about Ukraine?  The legislation states that no direct donations can be made to the Ukranian Appeal Fund but that donations can be made through other Charities requesting donations. It was agreed that should a Ukranian family live in Enstone, the PC will make a financial contribution to help out.

What would your council like NALC to be doing – Noted

Climate Change Research – A student is asking for Town & Parish Councils to complete a questionnaire on climate change.  The clerk will forward this to the Eco Group once the questionnaire has been checked.

31. Planning Applications:-

  • The Farm, Gagingwell, 22/00351/FUL – Construction of a below-ground reinforced concrete and stone-lined grave (retrospective).  No objection
  • Church Enstone Hall, Little Tew Road, Church Enstone, 22/00478/FUL & 22/00582/LBC – Removal of existing bungalow adjoining Tithe Barn and garage outbuilding.  Erection of a new detached dwelling with associated works.  Change of use of land to create additional domestic curtilage along with the construction of an outdoor swimming pool to serve Church Enstone Hall.  Remedial works to Tithe Barn. The PC supports the application apart from the swimming pool being situated in the 17th Century gardens which it objected to.
  • Enstone Enterprises, Enstone Airfield North, Banbury Road, Enstone, MW.0017/22 (OCC) – Section 73 application to continue the development of planning permission 18/01625/CC3REG (application reference MW.0043/18 for importation and processing of inert waste, stockpiling of material, site office and welfare facilities) without complying with condition 2 (end date) and condition 8 (waste importation end date), in order to extend the end date from 2021 to 2026 at Enstone Airfield, Enstone at The Oxfordshire Shooting School.  Enstone PC requires further information and requests a meeting with OCC and Environment Agency.
  • Enstone Aerodrome Limited, Enstone Airfield North, Banbury Road, Enstone, MW.0018/22 (OCC) – Section 73 application to continue the development of planning permission 15/04481/CM (application reference MW.0160/15 for the importation and processing of material for placement on the permitted bunds, as per PP 14/1178/P/FP) without complying with condition 2 (end date), in order to extend the end date from 2021 to 2026 at Oxfordshire Shooting School.  Enstone PC requires further information and requests a meeting with OCC and the Environment Agency.
  • 2 Chalford Park Cottages, Oxford Road, Old Chalford, 22/00601/HHD – Erection of a two-storey side extension and conversion of existing outbuilding, to provide ancillary accommodation, along with the construction of a detached garage.  No objection

Decisions Received:-

  • Bumblebee Cottage, Cleveley, 22/00195/HHD – Replacement of existing detached double garage and log store building with detached car port, home gym, garden store and home office above.  Approved

32. Finance:-

a) To agree the following accounts for payment – Santander Account (normal parish account):-

  • Mrs Beth Sinclair £919.99
  • NEST Pension Scheme (er) £26.30
  • NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £35.06
  • NI, employee £9.55
  • NI, employer £19.27
  • Payment to HMRC for Jan – March £86.46
  • Enstone PCC, hire of church £20.00
  • OALC, subscription £261.93
  • WEL Medical Ltd £55.08
  • OALC, training £66.00
  • Majestic Wines £56.95
  • Green Gym £240.00
  • Ubico £50.08

b) Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/2022 (AGAR) – The clerk reported that 

all the paperwork had been received by Moore, External Auditor, for the 2021/2022 AGAR.

33. Dates of Next Meetings at 7.00 pm:-

  • Thursday 28th April – Parish Council Meeting
  • Thursday 12th May – Annual Parish Meeting, Main Hall, Parish Hall
  • Thursday 19th May – Annual Council Meeting and Parish Council Meeting
  • Thursday 30th June – Parish Council Meeting