2022 February Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on March 6, 2022

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E N S T O N E   P A R I S H    C O U N C I L

Held in St. Kenelm’s Church, Church Enstone on 

Thursday 24th February 2022 

PRESENT: Parish Councillors P. Shaw (Chair), C. Glendinning, P. Johnson, D. Robottom, A. Lee, DC A. Beaney, DC A. Wilson, CC Geoff Saul and four members of the public.

APOLOGIES: Cllrs. N. Knott, T. Gilbert, A. Ward & R. Parker

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair – Parish Clerk

12. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & MEMBERS’ REGISTER OF INTERESTS – There were no declarations of interest.


  • The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27th January 2022, having previously been circulated, were read, approved, and signed by Cllr. Philip Shaw.


Hannah and Craig were welcomed to the meeting and presented to the Council, the suggestion of growing a herbaceous border located at the Parish Hall, to encourage local diversity and encourage bumble bees and wildlife.  Such projects have been successfully implemented at Chipping Norton Health Centre and the Windrush Medical Centre, Witney.  If agreed, the Eco group would seek to obtain a grant from TOE (Trusts for Oxfordshire Environment) and Wild Oxfordshire.  The Green Gym currently manages the plot at Chipping Norton Health Centre.  Cllr. Johnson suggested that this project could be incorporated with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations and this was agreed.  The Parish Council unanimously voted in favour of this project and agreed to fund 50 per cent of the project, as part of its commitment to climate change issues.  The Eco Group will put together a business plan to present to the Parish Council.


The applicant and his new Developer attended the meeting to update the Parish Council on the amended planning application.  This is for the erection of two semi-detached dwellings with associated parking and the provision of a new vehicular access to serve existing and new dwellings.  The houses would be built on the side of the Cleveley Road with their own garage and parking areas and will not extend eastwards.  The Parish Council voted unanimously in favour of this application, although commented that the need for starter homes are required, rather than for three to four bedroomed houses.  


  • Graffiti from bus shelter – ongoing
  • Repair of Benches – ongoing
  • Remembrance Sunday – wreath – ongoing
  • Hoar Stones – ongoing
  • Recycling Bins – following the last meeting, the WODC responded explaining that in some areas, smaller lorries collect the recycling and, therefore, both glass and paper are mixed together.  Residents are encouraged to continue separating glass and paper.  Noted
  • Mill Lane – Highways is undertaking some remedial work at Mill Lane
  • Lidstone – Gigaclear damage – Cllr. Knott is in communication with Gigaclear regarding the drain damage following its work along the Lidstone Road.  Highways will also undertake a site visit.   Ongoing
  • Caravans, Green Lane (Restricted Byway)  clearing up of litter and debris.  After discussion, it was agreed that Cllr. Andrew Beaney will arrange for the area to be cleared up (fly tipping) and will then invoice the County Council for this work being carried out.


  • Heythrop Park – Recruitment Day at Parish Hall – Friday 25th February.  Cllr. Shaw will attend this event.  The Parish Council did not receive any information concerning this.
  • Defibrillator – the clerk explained that a resident has been checking the defibrillator regularly for the last few years, on behalf of the Parish Council, which is responsible for its maintenance.  The Parish Council agreed to purchase a gift for all his continued work with this.


  • There was nothing to report.


  • Buses – With the cessation of bus subsidies from 31st March, the S3 service may be reduced from a one hourly service to a two hourly service from April 2022.  The County is awaiting to hear from Government regarding an extension to the grant in order to continue with an hourly service.  Following the pandemic, there are fewer users of bus services.
  • Budget – The County has passed its budget for the 2022/2023 financial year.  The budget includes £8 million for the 20s Plenty Project, £6 million for electric buses in Oxford City Centre, £6 million for two new Children’s Homes, £2 million for special educational needs and disability assessments and four youth workers for West Oxfordshire.
  • Pot holes – Road maintenance continues to be a major issue within the County.  It is estimated that £228 million is required to keep roads maintained but Government only funds £70 million towards this.  
  • Pedestrianising Broad Street, Oxford – Plans are in place to pedestrianise Broad Street in Oxford.


  • Budget – The WODC agreed to raise its precept by an additional £5.00 for a Band D Property.
  • Planning Department & Enforcement – WODC has now recruited sufficient planning and enforcement officers.


West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • Hedgehogs to get safer routes as part of new ^urban highway^ campaign to boost population – Noted
  • Town & Parish Council Forum – Thursday 17th March – An invitation has been received but as the PC is meeting the previous evening, no-one felt able to attend this forum. 

Oxfordshire County Council:-

  • Respond to Local Transport & Connectivity Plan Consultation – It was agreed to respond with the need to have local cycleways to support the rural community.  Cllr. Johnson also suggested a new cycleway between Chipping Norton and Woodstock and CC Saul will discuss this with the County’s Cycling Officer.
  • Land at Quarry Farm, Great Tew – Additional documentation had been received which had been circulated.
  • Annual Emergency Planning Unit Town & Parish Survey 2022 – The information was passed to Cllr. Johnson to complete.
  • 20s Plenty Campaign – A meeting with residents will be organised for late March.  The clerk will also organise a zoom call with the Parish Council to discuss the format of the meeting.  This will be advertised in the Ensign magazine.  


  • Parish Councillor Vacancy – It was agreed to re-advertise this position in the Ensign, with a closing date of Friday 18th March.
  • Handyman – A resident had contacted the Parish Council to ask whether a handyman was required, to help keep the Parish tidy.  The Parish Council discussed this and agreed that it would be an excellent idea as there are outstanding issues such as the cleaning of the graffiti from inside the bus shelter, repairing two benches, cutting overgrown vegetation from sign posts etc.  The clerk will check with the Council’s insurance company regarding liability insurance.  It was agreed that this would be on a self-employed basis on an as and when required basis.
  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – After discussion, it was agreed that the clerk will organise an evening meeting in the Parish Hall for local organisations and charities, with a view to arranging a community celebration event.
  • Sports Club – Lease – A meeting will be arranged at the Sports Club with members of the Parish Council and Sports Club Committee, to hear the Sports Club’s plans for the future.
  • S106 monies for “Recreation” – DC Beaney confirmed that the monies will be available in circa 12 – 18 months’ time and that the Parish Council has to submit recommendations and quotes for “recreation” facilities within the Parish. The Parish Council will need to consult with all residents regarding this.  The clerk will arrange an article for the Ensign magazine and website within the next few months.
  • Weed Control Quote for 2022/2023 – The cost of herbicide treatment has increased and the quote for 2022/2023 is £688.80 compared to £612.00 last year.  It was agreed to continue with Weed Control and reassess the situation in one year’s time.
  • Parked Cars, layby A44 – The ongoing situation with cars parking on the verge continues.  After a vote where four PCs voted for and one PC voted against, planters for this area will be purchased to prevent this occurring.  
  • WivTag Campaign – The HGV ban in Burford had been challenged and has been referred to the County Council’s Cabinet for an executive decision.
  • OALC:-
  1. January’s Update – This was circulated to all members – there was nothing to report.
  2. Operation London Bridge – The clerk has liaised with Revd. Mark Abrey who confirmed that Enstone Parochial Church Council wishes to work with the Parish Council and it was agreed that the Parish Council will fund the Condolence Book and any other purchases that are required such as flags and official photographs of the Queen etc.
  3. Chair, Question & Answer Sessions – All Chairs are invited to attend monthly zoom meetings with the OALC with updates.
  4. Pay negotiations & Employment Training – this document had been circulated to all members.

20. Planning Applications:-

  • 7 Cleveley Road, Enstone, 21/04076/FUL – Erection of two semi-detached dwellings with associated parking and provision of amnew vehicular access to serve existing and new dwellings – As above, no objection
  • Bumblee Cottage, Cleveley, 22/00195/HHD – Replacement of existing detached double garage and log store building with detached car port, home gym, garden store and home office above – No objection
  • The Nordibank, Lidstone, 21/03994/HHD – Replace thatch roof with slates – No objection
  • Decisions Received:-
  • Enstone Airfield North, Banbury Road, Enstone – Erection of a detached building to provide administration, welfare and storage facilities for aircraft maintenance business, flying school and resident pilots – Withdrawn

21. Finance:-

a) To agree the following accounts for payment – Santander Account (normal parish account):-

  • Mrs Beth Sinclair £841.99
  • NEST Pension Scheme (er) £26.30
  • NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £35.06
  • NI, employee £9.55
  • NI, employer £19.27
  • Rachel Hunt, website fees £80.78
  • OALC, Training £270.00

b) Year End Risk Assessment:-

  • Review of Financial Risk Assessment – the clerk had circulated this document to all members prior to the meeting and the updated assessment was unanimously approved.
  • Review of Internal Audit Procedures – the clerk had circulated this document to all members prior to the meeting and this was unanimously approved with no amendments.
  • Accounting Procedure for 2022/2023 – It was agreed to continue with Receipts & Payments procedure.
  • Appoint Internal Auditor for the 2021/2022 financial year – It was agreed to appoint Astral Accountancy, based in Chipping Norton.

22. Dates of Next Meetings:-

  • Thursday 31st March – The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall
  • Thursday 28th April – The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall

Cllr. Shaw thanked everyone for attending and the meeting finished at 9.05 pm