2022 June Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on July 5, 2022

DRAFT MINUTES – Please click here for pdf version


Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday  

23rd June 2022 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: Cllrs N. Knott (Chair), P. Shaw, R. Parker, A. Ward, D. Robottom, T. Gilbert, P. Johnson, M Baggaley, DC A. Beaney, DC A. Wilson, CC G. Saul

Minutes: Cllr C Glendinning

APOLOGIES: Mrs. Beth Sinclair – Parish Clerk

IN ATTENDANCE: Hannah and Robin Bourne-Taylor and Mr J and Mrs L Paxford.

Cllr Knott welcomed everyone to the meeting.

57. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & MEMBERS’ REGISTER OF INTERESTS – There were no declarations of interest.


          The minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on the 19th and 23rd May, having pre

viously been circulated, were read, approved and signed by Cllr N Knott.


The Chair invited Hannah Bourne-Taylor to give a short presentation on her application to be co-opted onto the Parish Council. Mrs Bourne-Taylor explained her interest and care for the environment and how since moving to Enstone had come to appreciate the diversity in the area. She spoke of the Bumblebee garden that she had dug out and planted with bee friendly plants at the Parish Hall. She has also campaigned on behalf of hedgehogs and had put up signs on the  A44 highlighting hedgehogs crossing points. She has also attended school events.

Mrs Bourne-Taylor then left the room whilst the Councillors voted on her being co-opted to the Council. It was an unanimous decision to co-opt her to the parish council.

  Mrs Bourne-Taylor was called in and invited to join the meeting at this point after signing the Declaration of Office form. The clerk will contact WODC regarding the paperwork 

relating to the Code of Conduct and Registrations of interest for Cllr Bourne-Taylor.


Mr and Mrs Paxford were invited to present their application for the re-routing of a public footpath which passes at the end of their garden. They explained how they wished to re-design and plant the garden, including the area beyond the footpath. This footpath is part of the Shakespeare Way. This application has not 

come to the Parish Council as yet and will be discussed when it comes through.


          • Handyman – ongoing
          • Remembrance Sunday – Rev Mark Abrey has confirmed that the Parish Council can place a wreath at the Memorial on Remembrance Sunday after consulting with The Parochial Church Council.
          • Caravans on Green Lane – The rubbish will be collected and put into the caravans and the caravans towed out to the road for collection. However the trees will need to be cut back before this can happen. 
          • S106 monies for recreation – Neither the ESSC nor the Playing Fields Association have responded to the PC regarding the purchase of recreation equipment.  Cllr Knott enquired when the monies are payable and DC Beaney confirmed that half is payable when the first house is occupied and he will advise when the remainder is due.
          • Sports Club lease –  Of the three solicitors contacted by the Cllr Knott, only Spratt Endicott have responded. They have quoted £750.00 +VAT to renew the existing lease and £1,500.00 +VAT to prepare a new lease. Cllr Knott will enquire what is required for the PC to become a client.
          • Parked Cars A44 – With the ground works currently being done in that area, it is decided to monitor the situation.
          • Fencing – The Paddocks – This is now in hand.
          • Community Speed Watch – in hand.
          • Parking warden – no further complaints have been received regarding parked cars outside the shop.
          • Litter Bins – The person dealing with this at WODC has been on sick leave. Ongoing.


          • Development of 29 houses south of Oxford Road – A complaint had been received about construction work starting at 7.30 am on Saturday mornings and causing a disturbance. DC Beaney checked and it is the permitted time under the Construction Statement and Traffic Management Plan. The proposed hours of work on site are from 7.30 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday and 7.30 am to 4.30 pm on Saturday.
          • Adams Shop – The Parish Council would like to welcome Rooban and Karan and his family to Enstone and wish them success.
          • The PC would like to thank the Jubilee Committee and ESSC for their work in making the Jubilee Celebration a success. It was heartening to see such a diverse section of the community enjoy this event.
          • Cleveley Road Parking – Residents exiting the spur road, on the left in Cleveley Road, have issues with seeing beyond the cars parked too close to the corner. Vehicles should not be parked closer than 10 metres. The police have been asked to monitor this. The PC will put a notice in the Ensign asking residents in Cleveley Road not to park near the corner.
          • Eco Group – Cllr Shaw read the report from the Eco Group, attached. It was agreed to grant the group £150.00 towards the expense of an insert in next month’s Ensign. It was also agreed that the PC does not require monthly reports from the Eco Group. Periodic progress reporting and the raising of relevant issues/problems will be sufficient.
          • Bus Shelter opposite Worths  – Cllr Glendinning had been asked to check this bus shelter to see if it needed re-decorating. She reported that it was full of leaves and cans and did need re-decorating. She had cleared the bus shelter of debris. She also confirmed that before the new litter & dog poo bins were installed, there had been a litter bin at the bus shelter but it was no longer there.
          • The Parish Council wished to thank Rachel Hunt for the work she does on maintaining the parish website.


Andrew Lee has agreed to remain as the main contact with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) submissions for the Parish Hall.


CC Saul presented his report. 

A new administration had been formed at West Oxfordshire following the elections in May. 

A new Local Transport Policy Statement will include the downgrading of the A44, such that HGVs travelling this route will be for deliveries to local towns only.

This will require the Satnav instrumentation to be upgraded and contact made with local companies.

The CC are looking at a county wide strategy for HGVs, avoiding local towns.


DC Beaney reported that the updated Code of Conduct has been signed by the

  County and District Councils and will be circulated to Parish Councils with a recommendation to approve and sign.


West Oxfordshire District Council

        • New Administration formed at WODC. Noted.
        • £150 discretionary energy rebate. Noted to be placed on the website.
        • Salt Cross Garden Village. Noted.
        • UK Shared Prosperity Fund – WODC consultation webinar. Noted.

Oxfordshire County Council

        • 20s Plenty – CC Saul advised that we should hear later in the year.  Cllr Glendinning had completed the online questionnaire and was thanked for this.

Parish Council Correspondence

        • Co-option of Hannah Bourne-Taylor and forms for completion.
        • Cllr Shaw reported on the expenditure for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. £1000.00 had been budgeted for this event. Purchases included trees, bunting, badges, prizes, games, cutout images of the Queen, nonalcoholic drinks and a cake. There is approximately £140.00 remaining and this has been earmarked for the purchase of three plaques to be placed by each of the birch trees planted in the Parish Hall, ESSC and the School.
        • Rev Mark Abrey has purchased a Book of Condolence to be held in the Church. The Parish Council thanked him for this and will reimburse the cost of the book, £40.94.
        • Lidstone grit bin – both the Cllrs Knott and Baggaley had visited the site of the grit bin and looked at the possibility of moving it. Unfortunately there is only the distance of approximately 1 metre in which it could be moved, which is not practical. It will remain where it is.
        • Pavement on A44 from Enstone to Chipping Norton – It was agreed that this is a good idea but, after years of neglect, the pavement needs completely re-laying. There is a CC initiative to improve cycle and walking routes in the county. When the larger towns have been completed, villages will be able to apply for funding.



a)May’s Update – circulated to all members.

b)Invite to AGM Monday, 4th July. Cllr Knott has agreed to attend.

The Parish Council acknowledged, with regret, the letter of resignation received from the Clerk, Mrs Beth Sinclair. The position will be advertised and the PC will look for a locum to assist in the short term.

67. Planning Applications:-

  • Convent Cottage, Radford, 22/01202/HHD (we have extension to 24.6.2022 to respond) – Erection of single storey extensions to create additional bedroom and garden room with spa room and storage beneath, enlarge reception room and provision of terrace above and formation of lobby, boiler room and bin store.  Erection of first floor extension with dormer window to create further additional bedroom with en-suite, together with the installation of two further dormers, to allow access to first floor terrace.  Formation of swimming pool and associated works. – No objection. 
  • Lime View, Bicester Rd, Enstone, 22/01325/HHD – Proposed rear extension, one and a half storey including gable roof and loft accommodation.  Landscaping works to front and rear of property – The one objection from the public was read out by Cllr Parker.  No objection.
  • Old Chalford Estate, Chalford Grange, Oxford Road, 22/01486/FUL – Siting of 3 no. holiday pods, together with associated decking, car parking and permeable pathways – No objection, although It was felt that these pods were not in keeping with the area.

Decisions Received:-

  • Section 73 for Enstone Aerodrome Ltd, MW.0018/22 – bunds- date extended to 2026 – Approved
  • Section 73 for Enstone Enterprises, Enstone Airfield North, MW.0017/22 – Approved – ditto
  • The Nordibank, Lidstone, 21/03994/HHD – Replace thatch roof with slates – Refused
  • Land for electronic communications site at Enstone Airfield, Enstone, 22/00796/FUL – The installation of 1 No. 0.3 m dish @ 25.5m AGL to the existing established 27.5 m telecommunications tower, with all related ancillary devices and works thereto – Approved
  • Leys Farm, Little Tew Road, Church Enstone, 22/00783/FUL – Erection of two agricultural barns, including solar panels with associated hardstanding, planting and drainage – Approved
  • The Farm, Gagingwell, 22/00351/FUL (Retrospective) – Construction of a below ground reinforced concrete and stone lined grave – Approved


68. Finance:-

a) To agree the following accounts for payment:-   

Santander Account:-

  • Mrs Beth Sinclair           £1,148.11
  • NEST Pension Scheme (er)        £36.23
  • NEST Pension Scheme (ee)       £43.92
  • NI, Employee       £15.62
  • NI, Employer                                                                                         £17.75
  • Enstone Show Committee for Jubilee celebrations      £500.00
  • Complete Weed Control     £344.40
  • Thomas Fox, Parish Hall     £163.80
  • Thomas Fox, verges                 £1,839.60
  • Joshua Hunt       £40.00
  • OALC, training       £66.00
  • Astral Accountancy     £300.00
  • Mrs Rachel Hunt, website honorarium     £250.00


  • OCC, Grass cutting               £1,023.77
    1. Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2021/2022, Internal Audit Report. The Internal Audit report had been received and circulated – there were no issues to report. The clerk will now forward all the relevant information to the external auditor, Moore. The Parish Council thanks the clerk for all her work relating to this.

69. Dates of next meetings:-  7.00 pm – Enstone  Parish Hall

  • Thursday 28th July
  • Thursday 25th August 
  • Thursday 22nd September (new date)