2023 September Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on October 6, 2023

D R A F T   M I N U T E S


Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday

21st September 2023 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: PCs. N. Knott, C. Glendinning, R. Parker, H. Bourne-Taylor, M. Baggaley, M. Gomm, D. Robottom, A. Ward, DC Andrew Beaney, CC Geoff Saul & two residents


APOLOGIES: PCs P. Shaw, Tom Gilbert & DC Alex Wilson

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair, Clerk and two managers from Residential Edge of Care Services at Oxfordshire County Council

Cllr. Knott welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed the Council’s condolences

 to the family of the pilot who was killed earlier in the month whilst flying in Enstone.  

The Parish Council had received a letter of thanks from the Chief Inspector of Air Accidents 

for the kindness, patience and assistance given by the residents of Enstone

 in the aftermath of the fatal accident.


  Cllr. Knott declared an interest in Item No. 9 – Planning Applications – Broad Close.


  • The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 17th August 2023 were circulated prior to the meeting, read and approved by all Members and signed by Cllr. N. Knott.

210.     Matters arising:-

  • Damaged wall & bollards outside Enstone School – the wall has been repaired; bollards still need replacing.
  • Cottesway Housing – the overgrown hedge is the responsibility of the tenant as it situated in the tenant’s private garden.  The tenant will have to pay for the work to be undertaken.  The clerk will contact the resident.  Sovereign Housing – no further action
  • Overgrown Vegetation – The overgrown vegetation has been left on part of the pavement and on the grassed area following the car accident.  DC Andrew Beaney confirms that it is on private land and so is not the responsibility of OCC or WODC.  
  • PC Handbook – ongoing
  • Employer’s responsibilities – ongoing
  • Heythrop Park – no information yet received
  • Damaged gates at The Quarry – The Chair has contacted Ditchley Estate.  
  • QR Code at The Hoar Stones – Response from Ditchley Estate awaited
  • Wild Flowers at Great Tew Junction – Ongoing



There are 800 children in care in Oxfordshire.  There are currently three children’s homes for eighteen children based in Thame, Kidlington and Eynsham.  By 2025, it is proposed to have a further four homes of which one will be at Oathill, Enstone for four children.  This will be a six bedroom home, all with ensuites – for four children and two staff members.   A planning application will be submitted in due course.

Cllr. Knott thanked Ms Lewis & Duerden for attending the meeting and updating the Council.

211.     Public Discussion:-

  • Cllr. Knott reminded members that the B4022 will be closed next week from the Tew crossroads up to Worths Garage.  Diversions are in place.   The information from OCC was circulated several months ago.
  • Cllr. Glendinning requested that the police undertake a further speed watch in Enstone opposite Worths Garage.   The clerk will contact PCSO Helen Duffield.
  • Remembrance Wreath – It was agreed that the clerk will purchase a wreath for Remembrance Sunday.

212.    County Councillor’s report:- 

  • CC Saul updated members on the Freight & Logistics Strategy that was set up in July 2022 regarding the movement of Goods in Oxfordshire.  There are two pilot studies taking place in Henley and the Windrush Valley (A44, A361 & A40) and OCC is working with haulage associations and satnav companies.
  • 20s Plenty – A decision by Cabinet is awaited.

CC Saul was thanked for his report and left the meeting at 7.15 pm.

213.     District Councillors’ report:-  

  • Weed control A44 – DC Beaney reported that it was not WODC who undertook the weed control earlier in the year, when a resident was concerned that the bees had died near her property at the time, and workmen seemed to be wearing WODC jackets.   DC Beaney reported that Ubico undertake weed control using insect-friendly foam – he will pass on the details to the clerk.
  • The Mullin Project – the conditions have been approved.  Work is due to commence in Spring 2024.  

214.     Correspondence:-

West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • Sign up to our new environment hub – The clerk will forward this information onto the Eco Group.  Individuals can also sign up to the hub.
  • West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2041 (Glyme Hall Monday 23.10.23) – Cllr. Bourne-Taylor agreed to attend this open meeting.  The clerk will put this information into the Ensign magazine.
  • Cotswolds National Landscape – An update was circulated to all members about protecting this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Oxfordshire County Council:-

  • 20s Plenty – A decision from Cabinet is awaited
  • Community Planting Project Submissions – Noted – there is nowhere in the Parish to plant any further trees
  • Winter Preparedness – Discussion took place regarding grit bins and salt bags.  The clerk will contact Mr Parsons regarding the use of a snow plough and Members will check grit bins around the parish to see if any need re-filling.

Parish Council – Correspondence:-

  • Finalise Parish Questionnaire Following Open Morning – It was disappointing that only circa twenty residents attended the open morning.  The following points were raised:-
  1. To propose to reduce the grass cutting to one per year, as per the County & District Council protocols, keep as is, or reduce to five cuts per year.  This will be put into the questionnaire.
  2. Suggestions on how to use the S106 monies for recreation
  3. Views on weed control along the A44 for the 2024/2025 financial year

d) The Parish Hall Management Committee also wish to add some suggestions into the questionnaire.   More volunteers are needed and the Hall is losing money.    The outside of the hall and kitchen need decorating/updating.

e) The questionnaire will be collated and put onto the website in early October, as residents’ views are needed before the Finance Meeting on 2nd November.

  • Sports Club – Updates & S106 monies

i) Cllr. Knott and the clerk had met with the Facility Officer at WODC regarding the S106 monies.   Residents’ views will be sought in the parish questionnaire

ii) A meeting with the sports club to discuss the lease had still not been arranged.   Ongoing

  • OALC – August Update – This was circulated to all members
  • Street Lighting in Enstone – It was agreed not to change the current arrangements.
  • Quotes for Noticeboards and Bench to mark the King’s Coronation – The clerk is awaiting quotes for the noticeboards and a resident at the meeting will contact the clerk regarding a plastic bench.
  • Quote – Sign at Woodford Bridge – It was agreed to fund a further sign at a cost of £679.50 which includes the supply and installation of the sign to existing posts.   This is following a resident’s concern as there are young families living by Woodford Bridge.
  • Updating the website and email domain – It was agreed to continue with NetWise and to upgrade the website for more data and to organise for all PCs to have email addresses.    The clerk will contact Mrs Rachel Hunt regarding this.  Mrs Hunt was thanked for all her work involved with the website.
  • Periodic Data Submission for the Parish Hall, Ofgem – It was agreed that the checks be carried out by the Parish Hall Management Committee in the future, commencing December 2023.
  • The Harrow – Residents have contacted the Parish Council with concerns around the works at The Harrow and whether the planning permission has elapsed.  There are also concerns relating to the Land Registry at the site – the land where work is being undertaken is registered with Heythrop Park.   Cllr. Knott has contacted both WODC and OCC over the previous weeks trying to obtain information.   The enforcement team at WODC has confirmed that no breaches have occurred.   The clerk will put this into the Ensign magazine.
  • Church Enstone – A resident has raised various issues with the Parish Council:-
  • Dog/waste bins – It was agreed to relocate the bin from behind St. Kenelm’s Church to one of The Greens – DC Beaney/Cllr Knott 
  • Secondary growth of the tree by The Crown Sign – OCC cut down the tree a few years ago and secondary growth is unsightly.   The clerk will contact OCC
  • Grass cutting – a few areas missed recently – the clerk will contact Thomas Fox
  • Speed Limit Sign in Church Enstone – Await the decision from OCC regarding 20s Plenty.
  • Land East of Burford Road, Chipping Norton – Gleeson Land is proposing to deliver around 100 homes on Land East of Burford Road, Chipping Norton.  This will mean an increase in traffic along the Lidstone Road.  Cllr. Knott attended a meeting and it was agreed that she can act in her role as Parish Councillor at future meetings highlighting this concern.
  • Age UK Oxfordshire – Correspondence was circulated with the Annual Report. Noted
  • Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire – An email was circulated requesting funding.   It was agreed to donate £200.00 as per the previous financial year.
  • Community First Oxfordshire – Correspondence regarding grants were circulated.   The clerk has circulated to all members and to the Eco Group.

215. Planning Applications

Mullin Development Borrow Pit, MW.0070/23 (County Council) – No objection but request for financial contribution towards the maintenance of the road between the two quarries was requested

Broad Close, Little Tew Road, Church Enstone, 23/02309/S73 (Cllr. Parker Chaired this item) – Variation of condition 2 of permission 19/01398/HHD to allow alterations to approved fenestration and fenestration design along with changes to extent of timber boarding and stone.  Removal of roof light and south elevation doors and new windows and doors to north elevation – No objection

Old Chalford Estate, Chalford Grange, Oxford Road, 23/02310/S73 – Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of PP 22/01486/FUL to change the size and shape of the three units – No objection

Decisions Received:-

Land South West of Radford Farm Buildings, Radford, 23/01227/FUL – Withdrawn

Whiteways Technical Centre, Enstone, (Alpine Racing), 23/01714/FUL – Approved

Glyme Bank, Lidstone, OX7 4HL, 23/01874/HHD – Approved

The Driving Centre, Enstone Airfield, 22/034154/FUL – Approved subject to legal agreement

216. Finance:-  

  1. To agree the following accounts for payment:-

• Clerk’s Salary £953.26

• NEST Pension Scheme (er)    £28.60

• NEST Pension Scheme (ee)   £38.13

• Quarterly Office Expenses, clerk £78.00

• Stationery, clerk £27.72

• Microsoft Office, subscription  £59.99

• McAvee, 1 year subscription   £114.99

• Mobile ‘phone   £18.26

• Mr Julian Watts, bus shelter £546.50

• Kopyrite, binding of minutes   £50.00

• Kopyrite, laminating & printing £16.00

• Thomas Fox, verges x 2 £1839.60

• Thomas Fox, Parish Hall £163.80

• Green Gym £60.00


• HMRC, VAT reclaim £1,778.67

b) Moore, External Audit Report – This was circulated to all members.  No concerns were raised.

217. Dates of next meetings: –

* Thursday 26th October – Parish Council Meeting

* Thursday 2nd November – Finance Meeting

* Thursday 23rd November – Parish Council Meeting

* Thursday 14th December – Parish Council Meeting – St. Kenelm’s Church

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00 pm. Cllr. Knott thanked everyone for