2024 February Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on March 4, 2024



Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday

22nd February 2024 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: PCs. N. Knott (Chair), P. Shaw, D. Robottom, A. Ward, R. Parker, M. Gomm, DCs Andrew Beaney (arrived at 7.10pm), Alex Wilson (arrived at 7.30pm) and 26 members of the public. Cllr Millar was co-opted during the meeting.

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

She sent best wishes from the parish council to Beth and her family at this difficult time and wished Josh a speedy recovery.

APOLOGIES: Mrs Beth Sinclair (Clerk) Cllr N. Peart & CC Geoff Saul

IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr. Glendinning took the minutes


Cllr. Knott declared an interest in item 9, Broad Close, Little Tew Road, Church Enstone.


The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18th January 2024 were circulated, agreed and signed by Cllr. Knott.

13. Matters arising:-

  • Litter picking 2/3 March. Cllr. Shaw reported that he had so far around 12 volunteers.
  • New Bench, Cleveley Road. A quote from Rocky Paget for £460 has been received. Cllr. Ward suggested we obtain a second quote and offered to arrange this.
  • New Noticeboard – The Council considered the quotation provided by Cllr. Peart. Unfortunately, there was insufficient information in the quote to compare it with the Online Noticeboards quotation. The Council will request more details to make a decision.
  • The Old Mont Abbott, Fulwell, plaque – DC Wilson is chasing this.
  • Car park signage at school – DC. Beaney reported that The School and Playing Fields Association will discuss this.
  • Emergency Plan – Cllr. Gomm has received one offer of assistance from a resident and will circulate a copy of the plan next week.
  • Pavement Loan – DC. Beaney advised that this system has changed and the low-interest loans are no longer available. The interest charged is now around 6-7%.
  • New signage, Lidstone Rd – New farm signs have been erected. The post for the solar sign is in situ and the the solar sign has been ordered.

14. Public Discussion:-

  • A road in Lidstone was frozen recently due to the springs on the side. There had been two reported incidents on the ice within hours of each other early one morning. The Council will request “Road Closed” signs from Highways which can be put out by residents to prevent further accidents in bad weather.
  • Land at Crossways – the damaged hedging left on the green area for several months has now been cleared away.
  • Cleveley Road – There is litter at the top of Cleveley Road, in the field.  It is on private land and the responsibility of the landowner.

15. County Councillor’s Report:-

  • No report as CC Saul had sent apologies

16. District Councillors’ report:-

  • DC Beaney reported that WODC now has a five-year land supply. However, archaeology findings have been discovered at Tank Farm, Chipping Norton therefore no new building works are allowed on the site. Eynsham Garden Village has been challenged and this may require more changes.


West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • S106 monies. We have been told that the S106 monies could be used for a pavement alongside the sports club, however, there is concern about using the monies for this purpose when they could be better used for sports equipment.
  • Changes to parliamentary boundaries across the West Oxfordshire District to come into effect for the next General election – noted.
  • Council pledges almost £30k to projects for the community through Westhive community crowdfunding  – noted.

Oxfordshire County Council:-

  • One Way System Approved, Village Shop  – noted.
  • TTRO (T13465) Road through Cleveley from 7th May for 24 hours for water connections – noted.

Parish Council – Correspondence:-

  • Co-option of Parish Councillor – Mr Craig Millar attended the meeting and outlined his reasons for wishing to join the parish council. He also gave a brief of his expertise.  After leaving the meeting, for a short period, the councillors voted unanimously to co-opt him. The pc invited Cllr Millar to join the meeting.
  • Sports Club – Cllr. Ward had discussed with ESSC improvements and equipment which could be funded by the S106 monies. He read aloud a list of items with approximate costings.
  • The Quarry – Smiths of Gloucester have purchased the old quarry. There is concern that contaminants can get into the water supply. Ian Cave has agreed to contact the Environment Agency regarding the water. Cllr. Knott had contacted the OCC Enforcement Team which has provided us with an Enforcement case number. There is concern about the Japanese Knotweed and asbestos on the site. Smiths have advised that they will deal with the asbestos and knotweed appropriately so as not to affect the local environment. DC Beaney advised that Minerals and Waste come under OCC.
      • Free Portrait of King Charles III. To forward to the Parish Hall Committee.
      • Green Gym had asked if the PC would like the Enstone Corner and Gagingwell pond tidied up again this year. It was agreed to ask them for a cost.
      • Weed control quote – the council approved this.
      • Cling Clang Field – A local resident had sent a plan of the field for which she was thanked. It was reported that the purchasers of the plots near the Cling Clang Lane were going to fence them in. DC Beaney advised that the Enforcement Team had visited the site this week but could do nothing until the owners gave cause. The owners of the plots would have to have to apply for a change of use as it is agricultural land.
      • Parish Transport Representatives Meeting 19.03.2024 – Cllr Robottam agreed to attend.
      • Churchyard/cemetery mowing 2024. The PCC had asked for additional cuts to the cemetery as families attending the graves had been upset at how untidy it looked. This was agreed and the Thomas Fox quote was approved.
  • Adams Stores, parking issue.  Rooban, from the Shop, attended the meeting to advise on the parking. Vehicles are being left in the 2-hour slots, often for far longer than 2 hours, some owners have been seen taking the bus whilst leaving their vehicles in a parking space. We understand residents need to park their vehicles but could they consider how they park, so as not to deter visitors to the shop.  Rooban asked if it was possible for further restrictions on longer parking including Sunday. The pc decided it was not feasible due to the cost that it would incur. The pc is asking people to park considerately and to adhere to the existing parking restrictions in order to allow customers to park and use the shop. The village needs the shop. It was agreed to put a note in the Ensign asking residents to be considerate and not overstay the parking period Residents are asked not to leave their vehicle outside the shop when taking the bus this is affecting visitors to the shop.
  • Delivering the Housing that your Rural Community Needs – Online event 5th February.  Cllr. Ward attended this meeting and has circulated the slides. The Company, Hastoe identify land that would not normally be eligible for planning permission. They do all the ‘groundwork’ on behalf of the council. They have recently completed work in Hook Norton.
  • The Harrow – Following concerns from local residents, DC Wilson had arranged visits by the licensing authority, and Health and Safety but no action was taken. The Harrow is allowed to serve food and drink and should be open by Easter weekend. There is a powerful outside spotlight which is causing a disturbance to the neighbours.
  • OALC training – noted.

18. Planning Applications

  • Broad Close, Little Tew Road, Church Enstone, 24/00025/S73 – Cllr. Shaw took over for this application. – no objection.
  • Taillards Barn with The Grove, 24/00272/FUL, Erection of a single-storey link extension and associated works – no objection.
  • Taillards Barn, The Grove, 24/00272/FUL & 24/000273/LBC no objection.
  • Land Formerly known as The Square, Church Enstone, App/D3125/W/23/3331704 – Residents from Church Enstone attended the meeting and read out their objections to this planning appeal. In summary, “the sustainable development claim is not justified, several Policies are contravened, the comment on Paragraph 11d of the NPPF is inaccurate and the reference to the Planning Officer’s recommendation is irrelevant.” It was also recommended that the Appeal Officer should visit the site and note the number of listed buildings in the village. (DC Beaney confirmed that the Appeal Officer would probably view the site). The PC confirmed its objection to this application had not changed.
  • Southcombe Farm 24/00287/FUL, Construction of replacement dwelling and associated works – no objection

Decisions Received

  • None.

Planning Applications – The Role of Parish Councils

Following the discussion on the planning applications the Chair clarified the position regarding Parish Councils as follows – “Parish councils are statutory consultees and have no powers to approve or reject planning applications, they can submit one of three observations: No Objections, Support or Object. Support and Object must also have reasons given.

19. Finance:-

a) To agree the following accounts for payment:-

  • Clarks Salary                   £1,014.10
  • NEST Pension Scheme (er)  £30.42
  • NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £40.56
  • Vodaphone  £18.16
  • OALC, Biodiversity,              £60.00
  • Robelec Ltd (installation of post)           £678.00
  • Simmonsigns (wigwag)                     £2,811.46
  • OCC/TVERC, biodiversity report           £204.00
  • Community First Oxfordshire,
  • Subscription             £70.00


PMHC, webmaster           £300.00

20. Dates of Next Meetings:-

  • 21st March
  • 25th April

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50 pm. Cllr. Knott thanked everyone for attending.