2024 March Agenda

EPC Agendas Uploaded on March 15, 2024


Notice of the Parish Council Meeting to be held on
Thursday 21st March 2024 in Enstone Parish Hall at 7.00 pm
__________________ Clerk

1. Apologies for Absence
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
4. Matters Arising
5. Public Discussion
6. County Councillor’s Report
7. District Councillor’s Report
8. Correspondence:-
West Oxfordshire District Council:-
• Great British Spring Clean
• Council renews its commitment to support local farmers and to help make local food available to local people.

Oxfordshire County Council:-
• Temporary Road Closure and “No Waiting” restriction at Gagingwell, B4030
• Oxford Aviation services Ltd
• Customer Experience Strategy

Parish council
• Report from Nikki on Chairs’ meeting
• Clerk annual appraisal
• Parish Transport Representatives’ Mtg 19.03.24 – update from Cllr Robottom
• OALC, February’s Update
9. Planning Applications:-
* Change of Use From C3 Dwellinghouse
to C2 Small Children’s Home for up to 4
children, with external alterations to the
fenestration and steps; erection of a roof
extension; and demolition of existing
outbuilding at Oathill Lodge, Road From
Enstone Road To Oathill Farm, Enstone,
OX7 4ED. R3.0022/24.

• 24/00409/HHD Erection of two storey and first floor extensions to detached garage to create office above. Orchard House, 2 The Square Church Enstone (resubmission of 20/02362/HHD)
• 24/00556/FUL Erection of first floor extension over existing single storey R and D Building to create a new plant room with external staircase access and installation of new external plant on a raised platform. Whiteways Technical Centre.
• W/24/00194/PRMA Licensing Application Consultation – Alpine Racing Team.
Decisions Received:-
• 19/01398/HHD Broad Close Little Tew Road Church Enstone Chipping Norton 19/01398/HHD – variation of conditions – approved
• 23/03255/S73 Variation of condition 5 Unit 1 The Old Coalyard – approved.
• 23/03378/PN56 The Old Coalyard Gagingwell Change of Use – Refused
10. Finance:-
a) To agree the following accounts for payment:-
• Clerk’s Salary £1,014.10
• NEST Pension Scheme (er) £30.42
• NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £40.56
• Vodaphone £18.16
• Stationery £21.98
• Quarterly Office expenditure £78.00
• OALC Membership £268.08
• Green Gym?
• Maxwell Douglas £164.34
• Complete Weed control £736.80

b)   Year End Risk Assessment:-
•           Review of Financial Risk Assessment
•           Review of Internal Audit Procedures
•   Confirm Accounting Procedure for 2024/2025
•           Appoint Internal Auditor for 2024/2025
Risk Assessment and Financial Controls updated and attached (email no. 13)
11. Dates of Next Meetings:-
❖ 25th April
❖ 23rd May