2023 August Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on August 26, 2023

D R A F T   M I N U T E S


Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday

17th August 2023 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: PCs. N. Knott, P. Shaw, C. Glendinning, R. Parker, H. Bourne-Taylor, T. Gilbert (arrived 7.30 pm), DCs Andrew Beaney & Alex Wilson and CC Geoff Saul


APOLOGIES: PCs M. Baggaley, M. Gomm, A. Ward & D. Robottom

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair, Clerk


  There were no declarations of interest declared.


  • The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 27th July were circulated prior to the meeting, read and approved by all Members and signed by Cllr. P. Shaw.


Mr. Ian Cave attended the meeting on behalf of the Eco Group with suggestions for the Parish Questionnaire.  Topics included increasing wild flowers and biodiversity by planting a flower meadow; stopping the applying of weed killer and planting more shrubs.  Installing an electric charger in the village was also queried and the Chair will contact Worths’ garage for an update on this.  

200.     Matters arising:-

  • Cloudy IT – ongoing
  • Damaged wall & bollards outside Enstone School – ongoing
  • Cottesway Housing & Sovereign Housing issues – ongoing
  • Overgrown Vegetation – The overgrown vegetation along the A44 has been cut back but the vegetation has been left on the pavement.
  • The vegetation following the car crash has not yet been collected by OCC/WODC – ongoing and suggest that the resident contacts the Insurance Company.
  • PC Handbook – ongoing
  • Employer’s responsibilities – ongoing
  • 20s Plenty – A decision will be made by Cabinet at OCC on 7th September
  • Hoarstones – the area has been cleared and the Trustees of Ditchley Estate have been thanked.

201.     Public Discussion:-

  • Heythrop Park – Cllr. Knott reported that she and the clerk had met the new Managers at Heythrop Park and had a further site visit.   The Park has been beautifully renovated.  Many issues were discussed including the history of Heythrop Park.   The overgrown footpaths will be pruned next week.   The Managers will forward news and information to the clerk on a regular basis, to be put into the Ensign magazine and website.
  • Plots at Cling Clang Lane – Cllr. Knott reported that further plots have been sold with double gated access onto the B4022.  However, these gates do not belong to Cling Clang Farm and Cllr. Knott has notified the planning department at WODC.
  • Street Lamps – A resident has contacted the Council concerned that the street lights in Enstone are turned off by 10.00 pm.   CC Geoff Saul will contact the appropriate department for further information.
  • The Harrow Inn – The Inn had recently closed and works are being carried out including the installation of a dormer window.  Concerns were discussed about the safety of the site.  Cllr. Beaney will contact the Enforcement Team at WODC with further details.
  • Quarry at the Tew Crossroads Damaged gates – Cllr. Shaw reported that the gates have been damaged, allowing access into the field.   Cllr. Knott will contact the Ditchley Estate once harvesting has finished.
  • “Slow, Children Crossing” sign – A resident has asked whether a sign can be displayed by the Woodford Bridge.   The clerk will contact Highways.


202.    County Councillor’s report:- 

  • CC Saul reported that there were no updates as there were no Cabinet meetings held during August.

203.     District Councillors’ report:-  

  • DC Beaney reported that the planning application for 90 houses situated by the Cricket Club in Chipping Norton was being discussed at the Uplands Planning Committee on Monday 21st August.

204.     Correspondence:-

West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • West Oxfordshire District Council ask the Botley West Solar Farm developer to make significant improvements to their plans – Noted
  • Council able to provide more support for refugee guests and those facing homelessness in the district – Noted
  • Further support for ‘Our House’ project will combat homelessness and offer assistance to young people – Noted
  • Business matters – local news and information 28 July 23 – Noted
  • Council warns people to check with planning department before purchasing land – This is in relation to Cling Clang Farm, Church Enstone.

Oxfordshire County Council:-

  • 2023 NHT Public & Public Representatives Satisfaction Survey – Cllrs. Shaw & Glendinning had completed this survey regarding rights of way and pavements.
  • Parish Transport Representatives’ Mtg – The minutes from July’s meeting had been circulated to all members.   Noted
  • Community Transport grants: application form – Noted – no action
  • Community EV Microhubs Expression of Interest – The Chair will contact Worths’ Garage for an update regarding the possibility of installing an electric charging point.

Parish Council – Correspondence:-

  • Sports Club Updates:-
  1. PC Robottom to arrange the meeting with the Sports Club regarding its business plan with PCs Ward, Baggaley and Gilbert.  Ongoing
  2. The clerk has contacted the Sports Club Committee regarding the works to be carried out following the tree audit.
  3. S106 monies for recreation – the clerk has contacted WODC and has arranged a meeting in early September with the Leisure Facilitator from WODC to discuss the S106 grants.  
  • Open Morning – Saturday 16th September 10.00 am to 12.00 pm – Come and meet your Parish Councillors ….
  1. Cllr. Bourne-Taylor will arrange a display regarding biodiversity within the parish.
  2. Cllr. Parker will provide refreshments during the morning.
  3. Cllr. Glendinning will bring the speedwatch gun and information on data collected.
  4. Cllr. Shaw will provide display boards where information can be displayed on what work has been undertaken following the Parish Questionnaire in December 2020.
  5. The open morning is to obtain questions from residents, to be put into the Parish Questionnaire.
  6. Cllr. Shaw will produce a pie chart of income/expenditure for the past three years, for display.
  • OALC Updates June & July – These had been circulated to all members.  Cllr. Bourne-Taylor will forward the information to the Eco Group regarding grants from TOE.
  • Grant Scheme for “Caring in the Cotswolds” – Cllr. Bourne-Taylor will work with the Eco Group regarding this grant scheme.
  • Quote – Painting of Bus Shelter opposite Worths’ Garage – The quote of circa £500.00 was unanimously approved.
  • Update PC Members’ contact details – The clerk will update the Council’s contact details.
  • Binding of Minutes and archiving – The clerk explained that Minutes dating back ten years were to be bound by Kopyrite in Chipping Norton and then she will arrange for them to be archived at the Oxfordshire History Centre (part of Oxfordshire County Council) in due course.   

205. Planning Applications

Glyme Bank, Lidstone, 23/01874/HHD – Erection of two storey outbuilding and associated works –  No objection

Taillards Barn, Gagingwell, 23/01906/FUL & 23/01907/LBC – Erection of extensions to link Taillards Barn with The Grove, together with associated works including provision of garaging with storage above.  Interal & external works to include erection of extensions to link Taillards Barn with The Grove, together with associated works including provision of garaging with storage above and changes to internal layout – No objection

Decisions Received:-

• None

206. Finance:-  

a) To agree the following accounts for payment:-

  • Mrs Beth Sinclair – salary & expenses £956.60
  • NEST Pension Scheme (er)   £28.60
  • NEST Pension Scheme (ee)   £38.13
  • Thomas Fox, Parish Hall £163.80
  • Nicholsons, Tree Audit, Sports Club £600.00
  • OALC, training, Mike Gomm, planning £66.00

b) Budget Review Meeting – The clerk explained that the Council agreed to replacing the two noticeboards in the Parish and the broken bench at the top of Cleveley Road, to celebrate the King’s Coronation.   The clerk will obtain quotes.   One of the questions in the questionnaire will ask residents where the new bench should be placed.

207. Dates of next meetings: –

* Saturday 16th September 10.00 am to 12.00 pm – Come and meet your Parish Council

* Thursday 21st September – Parish Council Meeting

* Thursday 26th October – Parish Council Meeting

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.10 pm. Cllr. Knott thanked everyone for