2023 May Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on June 3, 2023

DRAFT MINUTES(click here for pdf version)


Held in The Litchfield Room, Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday

18th May 2023 at 7.30 pm (following the Annual Council Meeting)

PRESENT: PCs. N. Knott (Chair), R. Parker, T. Gilbert, A. Ward, P. Shaw, M. Baggaley,  DC Alex Beaney, DC Andrew Beaney & CC G. Saul


APOLOGIES: PCs D. Robottom, C. Glendinning & H. Bourne-Taylor

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair, Clerk 

Cllr. Knott congratulated DC Andrew Beaney on his re-election as District Councillor following the elections on 4th May 2023.


  •   Cllr. T. Gilbert declared an interest in Item 9 – The Mullin 


  • The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 20th April 2023 were circulated prior        to the meeting, read and approved by all Members and signed by Cllr. N. Knott.  

170.     Matters arising:-

  • Cloudy IT – ongoing
  • Damaged walls – Chapel Lane – CC Saul explained that as the walls were in a reasonable condition and not obstructing the lane, no action can be undertaken by OCC.  Noted.
  • Damaged wall and bollards outside the school – DC Beaney (also School Governor) reported that these were not the property of Enstone Primary School but that of Highways.  CC Saul will report this damage to Highways.  Noted
  • The Green outside the village shop – Cllr. Gilbert will send the correspondence he has received from Land Registry to CC Geoff Saul to try to establish who owns this land.

171.     Public Discussion:-

i) Grass Cutting along The Drive – Thomas Fox reported that the operatives had, in error, mown the verges along The Drive.  Noted

ii) Enstone Show – PC Shaw reported that there was currently circa £3K in the Enstone Show bank account which can be used for future  village shows.  Noted.

iii) Vandalism – Reports of vandalism along the boundary of the parish hall was noted.  PC Knott will report this to the Police and the clerk will put an article into Ensign.  Noted

iv) Cottesway – A resident had contacted the clerk regarding an overgrown hedge at his property, owned by Cottesway – DC Beaney will report this to Cottesway.


172.    County Councillor’s report:- 

  • Potholes & defects – CC Saul reported that there were currently 4,294 reported defects with the OCC, compared to 2,800 last year.   The clerk will explain to residents how to report potholes and defects onto “Fixmystreet” in the Ensign magazine.
  • 20s Plenty in Enstone – CC Saul reported that work will be carried out during the 2023/2024 year.
  • Grass cutting – CC Saul reported that OCC will only be carrying out one cut this year.

173.     District Councillors’ report:-  

  • Rubbish – DC Beaney explained that the excess rubbish which was reported following the litter picking weekend has been cleared up and was thanked for organizing this.   
  • Asbestos – PC Knott will report back on whether this has been removed.
  • Litter/dog poo bins – The bin outside the shop has been removed; there is now a litter bin near to the bus stop.   The bin along Chapel Lane has been taken.  Some residents have asked for the litter bin along The Drive to be reinstated.   DC Beaney will investigate this further.

174.     Correspondence:-

West Oxfordshire District Council:-

  • Election Results & Newsletter – This information was circulated to all members.

Oxfordshire County Council:- 

  • Consultation – Chapel Lane – Proposed One-Way Traffic Restriction – Noted

Parish Council – Correspondence:-

  • King’s Coronation – PC Knott thanked all those involved with the King’s Coronation celebrations, in particular PCs Shaw and Glendinning, the Parish Hall Management Committee, all volunteers, the WI, Heythrop Park, The Crown, The Harrow Inn, the guides & brownies, the school, and the village shop.  PC Shaw explained that it had been a very successful and well-attended event and wished to thank the Parish Council for its financial contribution towards the event.
  • Sports Club – PC Robottom had circulated a Business Plan from the Sports Club to all members prior to the meeting.  Information relating to the finances of the club were awaited.  The following points were raised:-
  1. To consider that the rent from September 2024 be a peppercorn rent
  2. To promote and encourage residents to use the club without becoming members, what are    the regulations with regards to the licensing laws at the club?
  3. The clerk to obtain two quotes for the tree audit to be carried out before June’s meeting
  4. Two quotes for repair of the boundary wall to be obtained before June’s meeting
  5. The clerk expressed concern that the Lease expires in September this year 
  6. PCs D. Robottom, M. Baggaley, A. Ward & T. Gilbert to meet with members of the Sports Club before June’s meeting. 
  7. The Parish Council will fund the work required following the tree audit and subject to obtaining acceptable quotes, will fund the necessary repairs of the boundary wall.
  8. The Parish Council will continue its obligation regarding the trees and ensuring Health & Safety compliance.
  9. With regards to the S106 monies which are “towards the enhancement and maintenance of play and recreation facilities within the Parish of Enstone” (£818.00 x D) and “towards the enhancement and maintenance of community sport and recreational facilities within the parish of Enstone (£1,156.00 x D) – the clerk queried whether this could include improvements to the Sports Club as reported in its Business Plan?
  10. The clerk will contact the Solicitor to ask for an online meeting in early July with members of the Parish Council regarding the redrafting of the lease.
  • PC Handbook – Ongoing
  • Stones & Posts outside The Manor – The owner had recently installed stones & posts outside his property.   There was confusion as to whether these posts and stones were on his or Highways’ land and a few residents had contacted the Parish Council with their concerns as to whether planning permission was required.  Further information was awaited from Highways.
  • Litter Bins – DC Beaney updated the Council, as stated above.
  • OALC – Update & Training – April’s update had been circulated to all members.  PC Shaw and the clerk will be attending the training on Employment Law on 23rd May.
  • Volunteer Link-Up – An invitation to celebrate the 40th year anniversary had been received.  The Parish Council will send its apologies for being unable to attend.
  • Community First Oxfordshire – The Spring Newsletter had been circulated to all members.   Noted
  • Quotes for bus shelters – The Parish Council agreed the quote of £442.00 for the repainting of the bus shelter on the village green following the graffiti.   The Parish Council agreed the quote of £1,100.00 for the repair of the bus shelter, including the roof, opposite Worths’ Garage.
  • The Harrow Inn – The Planning Officers have visited the site following concerns that works are being carried out after the original planning application deadline has passed.  Ongoing

175. Planning Applications 

Mullin Conditions – The final conditions were circulated to all members.  Work is due to commence in Spring 2024.  

Leys Farm Cottage, Little Tew Road, Church Enstone, 23/00883/HHD – Demolition of annex and replacement with 2 storey side extension and single storey front extension forming new porch.  Proposed single storey link extension to attach the proposed extension with the existing building.  No objection

Decisions Received:-

Rose Cottage, Church Enstone, 23/00642/LBC & 23/00461/HHD – Approved

The Old Coal Yard, Gagingwell, 23/0041/FUL – Approved

176. Finance:-  

a) To agree the following accounts for payment:-

. Mrs Beth Sinclair              £953.26

• NEST Pension Scheme (er)    £28.60

• NEST Pension Scheme (ee)   £38.13

• Vodafone  £18.16

• Internal Audit, Astral Accountancy £300.00

• Thomas Fox, verges & churchyard £919.80

• Thomas Fox, Parish Hall £245.70

• Cllr. C. Glendinning, (cake etc) £53.42

• Gallagaher, Insurance £609.05


• OCC, grass cutting £1,023.77

• Parish Hall £300.00

• Parochial Church Council £300.00

b) Internal Audit Report – Astral Accountacny – The clerk had circulated the report to all members prior to the meeting.  There were no queries to report.   The clerk will now send all the relevant information to Moore, External Auditors the deadline of which is 30th June.  The relevant financial information will also be put onto the parish website.

c) Pensions Regular – The clerk confirmed that she had re-enrolled onto the NEST pension scheme.

177. Dates of next meetings: –

* Thursday 25th May – Annual Parish Meeting

* Thursday 29th June – Parish Council Meeting

* Thursday 20th July – Parish Council Meeting

* Thursday 17th August – Parish Council Meeting

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 pm. Cllr Knott thanked everyone for