No Mow May

This May, Plantlife is celebrating how amazing wildflower-rich verges and green spaces are and we want you to join in.

By joining the No Mow May movement, you have an amazing opportunity to make a difference and to bring the community with you by:

  • Joining councils across the UK and posting your wildflower blooms on social media, with #No Mow May   
  • Using signs and posters to let the community know you are managing this space for nature. 
  • Engaging the local community with events celebrating the wildflower-rich space and activities to help the wildflowers grow such as collecting cuttings or sowing seeds. 

A whole county of land for biodiversity! 

Our road verges and green spaces have the potential to act as a sanctuary for wildflowers and a network of connective corridors across Great Britain’s 400,000 km of public road verges. Almost  85,000 hectares of public green spaces

Collectively they cover an area the size of Wiltshire, larger than Gwynedd and more than half the size of Dumfries and Galloway!

Over 700 species of wildflowers grow on verges, accounting for nearly 45% of the UK’s total plant diversity, including 87 species threatened with extinction.

If managed for nature, we collectively can create the vital habitat network that nature needs to recover.

Creating nature-based solutions to climate change

Studies suggest that by increasing plant diversity, carbon stored in grassland soil can be increased by as much as 10% in verges currently mown frequently.

If managed for nature local green spaces and road verges can be a nature-based solution to climate change.

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