20’s Plenty in Enstone – Discussion 16 Mar at 7pm – School Hall

Oxfordshire County Council are committed to making our roads safer and have embarked on a strategy to change 30mph to 20mp across the county over a three year period. Enstone Parish Council would like to obtain your views to see if there is support for a campaign to begin.

This is the latest news from the Council;

For some the speed of vehicles is currently inhibiting activities that should be a part of normal life – children walking to school, mothers pushing prams along pavements, dog walkers, joggers, people cycling and residents just feeling unsafe crossing the road. 

The 2020 Enstone Survey highlighted speeding as a concern amongst villagers and there is well documented speed violations from the village speed watch volunteers.

The benefits of 20mph are well documented;

There is a significant reduction in fatal injuries

Noise pollution almost halves

Vulnerable people feel safer

Children are less intimidated 

The latest research from engineering consultants, Skyrad, reveals that driving at 20mph lowers CO2 by 26% and NOx by 28%