The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in Enstone

Alongside any street parties that villagers wish to arrange:

The Enstone Sports & Social Club is opening its doors on 4 June at 2pm with teas, coffee, cake and licensed bar. Bring your own food and relax with family and friends. There will be games and a fancy dress competition for the best King or Queen.

The Parish Hall will also be open on 4 June at 2pm with a trip down memory lane:

  • Material from the History Society during the Queen’s reign.
  • A display from Worths Motor Services in their centenary year with Mabel in the carpark.
  • A commemorative book will be available for those who were born on or before the Queen’s coronation to record memories and sign the book.
  • Enstone Primary School children’s “Jubilee portraits of the Queen through the decades”.
  • Scones & sandwiches from the WI.
  • It is hoped to live stream the events of the day on the cinema screen in the hall.

Tree Planting. The Queen would like her 70 year Platinum Jubilee to be marked by the planting of trees, The Queen’s Green Canopy, and so the Parish Council is working with the Enstone Eco Group to make 70 silver birch trees available to residents of Enstone Parish for planting locally. The school children will be given a small memento of the jubilee and will also be invited to join the Green Canopy initiative. Those wishing to acquire one of the young trees in a plant pot should register their interest with the Parish Council (see below). The trees may then be planted either in private gardens (with permission) or, later in the year, at one of several locations in the village (under appropriate supervision).

  • Silver Birch trees are one of the UK’s most hardiest native trees, with papery, peeling white bark and small shimmering leaves that provide dappled shade.
  • They grow to 12 – 30 metres tall with a canopy of over 8 meters wide, so adequate space is required when planted.
  • The young potted saplings we are providing are only a couple of feet tall but will grow significantly to maturity over the next 20-50 years.
  • They are well suited to gardens with either full or partial sun falling from any direction.
  • They prefer moist and well drained soil and are best planted in the spring or autumn.
  • We are currently offering one tree to each household but if you have space for more trees, please indicate this and we may be able to assist at a later date.

If you wish to acquire a tree to plant – click here

At present it is planned to plant commemorative trees at the Parish Hall, School and Enstone Sports & Social Club. Other locations are being considered.