Monday, Tuesday and Fridays   Service V 26

To Witney:

  • Enstone (Bus Shelter)   9.23
  • Combe   9.36
  • Stonesfield   9.45
  • Leafield   9.58
  • Witney (Hospital)   10.14
  • Witney (Market Place)   10.16
  • Witney (Sainsburys)   10.20

Return to Enstone:

  • Witney (Sainsburys)   11.55
  • Witney (Market Place Stop C)   12.00
  • Witney (Hospital)   12.03
  • Leafield   12.17
  • Stonesfield   12.31
  • Combe   12.40
  • Enstone (Shelter)   12.38

The Villager buses carry 300 passengers from 66 villages in the Cotswolds every week.

We operate nineteen regular, scheduled timetabled bus routes In country areas, together with the Chippy Shuttle which provides a weekday hourly service around Chipping Norton from 9 to 5. Routes are decided in conjunction with the various County Councils whose responsibility it is to provide transport facilities for rural areas. We do not compete with commercial bus operators’ services but rather we complement them in terms of the routes and villages we serve. Our buses are generally smaller, to help penetrate some of the less accessible but still important (and by and large prettier) parts of the Cotswolds. Because our drivers and administrative staff are all volunteers, we can keep our costs and prices low.