Calling Painters and Printmakers in Enstone

Enstone Parish Painters & Printmakers

Charlbury ArtRoom opened at the beginning of last year and is now well established in The Corner House in the centre of town. It is in a large, warm, well-lit room with huge windows and a wooden floor.

It is well stocked with art materials for members to use, there are easels available and a small library of art books. We are very proud of our large etching press which is perfect for intaglio and relief printmaking.

The project was set up under the umbrella of The Charlbury Art Society to support creativity in the community. It provides space for people who either do not have enough room at home or who like to work together with others to learn and share ideas. The kettle is always on.

Members can have the use of a large part of this room for £ 2.50 per week, the cost of buying a coffee. You can choose your day to share with a small group of other artists. The room is secure, and you will have a large box in which to store your materials. The space is available at all times of the day to members who have the entry code.

In addition to individual activity the room is ideal for workshops and for group creative activities. We are always looking for people to organise workshops and to run them in the evenings or at weekends.

If you would like to join the ArtRoom, or want further information, please contact: Jane Crane,